Sunday, July 20th, 2014
Issue: 13   Editor: Joke

Buzz's Busting Biography Bout! ReJestration

In Issue 11 of The Buzz, article “Thanks for the Bust!” Claartje describes how the form in which some of her thanks are portrayed;

.. sometimes I get a little story about how they hated it in jail!

Furthermore, this Buzz writer has also received the occasional little “story” on how the person who was busted ended up in jail and their experiences inside the prison.
This led The Buzz to an idea! Who could create the best busting story?

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, get your brains in gears and typist’s fingers ready!
What we here at The Buzz want is your very best busting story, short, long, it doesn't matter!
These stories must be related to being broken out of jail, so imagine up a crime, how you got caught, what prison was like, the possibilities of ideas are endless!

Here are a couple of examples from The Buzz;

Thanks for the bust! I was in an organised crime with some friends, like brothers to me they were. We were robbing an armoured vehicle transporting money from Pennsylvania to New York, Giuseppe and I had Colts, and Giuseppe’s older brother, Danilo was carrying a Remington shotgun. I thought I could trust them, but after we’d held up the van and were running to the getaway car Danilo span around and knocked me out cold with the butt of his Remington, leaving me to take the fall, defenceless for the cops.

Thank you for getting me out of there, Frankie the Hitman they call me, though not for much longer I fear. I was caught exiting the site of a hit; I was hired by the Gurelli crew to kill Johnny “Michelangelo” Fratini, the Bonnano’s artistic right-hand man. His problem was he’s a creature of habit. That made him predictable, so I was all set up in the hotel opposite Galliano’s betting shop, one shot right through the heart, to leave him identifiable to the Bonnano’s. But Lady Luck wasn’t smiling on me, as it happens two doors down was an off-duty cop who’d rented a room for him and his mistress, he must’ve heard the shot, as he’d gone out of the room just after I did, saw my violin case and put two and two together as only a dirty cop could, and got five. He tackled me down the stairs and pinned me down till back-up came.

Remember, these stories can be longer, or shorter, than those above, and can encompass what it was like in the jail too, but try to avoid putting it too far into the gutter please!

The prize for first place could be as much as 100 of the finest gold coins, with prizes also available for a second and third place!

The winning stories, and honourable mentions, will also be in an article in either Issue 14, or 15 of The Buzz.

Best of luck, and get imagining!

*Entries are only considered if they are “serious”, and multiple stories are allowed per person, but each person is only considered to be one entry, and therefore eligible for only one prize.
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