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Behind The Name! CoastieII

I randomly choose, with my eyes closed, three different people from the user's online list. My interview with each participant is different, and hopefully slightly unique. I asked several game related questions about them, as well as a few random questions for what seems like no apparent reason whatsoever. So without further delay, lets get to those interviews.

Interview with KawhiLeonard

1: Okay, to start with, how did you come up with your name?
" My fav NBA basketball player at the moment."

2:Nice, what do you think about lebron going back to Cleveland?
"I thought "The Decision" was great. It was all to raise money.. Period. Everyone looks past that. However, good on Lebron, he's grown as a man and as a leader; good for Cleveland too."

3: Okay that works, so is the Spurs your team, or do you just like Leonard?
"Yes I support Spurs. They play great and enjoyable games!"

4:Okay nice, a little off topic now, what's your biggest fear??
"My dog running across the street without watching and get hits by a car."

5: That would be rather sad, how old, and what breed is your dog? Name too if you don't mind?
"Very sad! His name is Biggy a french bulldogg and is 7 months old now. Awesome dog!"

6: Nice, I have 3 dogs myself. Reggie, Murdock, and Willow. You married? Single? What?
"Might call you the dog whisperer than instead of Coastie haha. I am living together with my girlfriend and Biggy."

7:Nice, I got 3 cats too; does that make me the catgod whisperer? Would you mind sharing with me your happiest memory?
" Haha! Yes, quite some animals around but sometimes animals are less annoying then woman. I have a lot of happy memories really, I am a happy person!."

8: Nice, I'm engaged to a Vet Tech so it's easier. She takes care of them at work, at a huge discount. Do you wish to add anything else about yourself? A little fun fact about yourself, or possibly a shout out?
"About 10 years ago me and Jaraxxus took the train. I stuck my ass out of the window and he stuck his head out. All the people thought we were twin brothers. Thank you for this fun interview! Good luck to you and all other players."

Interview with HazeMan

1: First off, where did your bl name come from?
" Well, when I first starting playing Bootleggers I was in high school, and at that time I smoked large quantity of bud, so I thought the alias "Haze" would be a good fit, and I'm a man, so ‘Hazeman’."

2:I did something similar when I was in high school playing, I was "Hitman101". So why aren't you in HazeBlazers?
"I don't smoke pot anymore, but the name always stuck with me."

3: Nice, so how long have you been playing bootleggers for?
"I have been playing bootleggers for a good 5 or 6 years now. I remember one of my friends was playing it at his house and it seemed interesting so I gave it a shot."

4:Nice, do you like all the recent updates of this round?
"I don't mind them, although the majority of the updates have to do with crews, which only the crew boss has control of, which isn't bad, but hopefully we see more updates that would benefit everyone and make the game along with the community better and more enjoyable!"

5: Okay, a little off topic, what is your biggest fear?
“Spiders, or losing a family member."

6: What if you lost your family member due to a spider?
"I would make it my life mission to exterminate every spider in existence, obviously."

7:I already want to do that myself, so I'm right there with you man. Would you mind sharing with me the happiest moment of your life?
" That's a tough one.. I would have to say when I was 15 my family and I, along with my best friend went on a trip to Toronto, and went to Canada's Wonder land, took a visit to the CN tower and Niagara falls, definitely was a fun time."

8:Sounds like fun, I've never seen those things myself. Do you wish to add anything else about yourself? A little fun fact about yourself, or possibly a shout out?
" A fun fact, hmm... I won 40,000$ on a lottery ticket last year! Shout out to "zey" for being a noob, I mean cool guy.."

Interview with Sabotage

1:How did you come up with your bl name?
" Hahah good question i was watching movie name sabotage i like the name "

2: Oh okay, well that works. So what do you do for a living?
"I’m in university last semester and im working part time in McDonalds as a cashier."

3: How old are you?
" 22years"

4: What do you want to do when you get older?
"When i finish college ill work in bank or something and have a good money to open a market or anything will get a good profit or maybe be (moderator lol jk)"

5:What are you studying?
"I sayed in university studying finance, at the university of Jordan."

6:So how long have you been playing bootleggers?
"Since 2007"

7: Nice, do you like all the recent updates this round?
"Ya its good but i rly like bl in 2007 old school baby"

8:Do you like Imperial? What would you say is the best thing about being part of that crew?
"I rly have a mate in the crew and ask me to join the crew and i applied thats it, And the beat thing that we are rly good crew and a lot of friends"

Well that is it for this week! If you want to be featured in the future, just make sure you're online and you may be chosen! Thank you all for reading, enjoy the remainder of your weekend. Coastie out!