Sunday, July 27th, 2014
Issue: 14   Editor: Joke

The Culmination of Controlled Chaos Joke

With the exception of a few crew-less, high ranked kills early on in the week from Death Valley, the graveyard consisted of only low ranked, inactive accounts for all of the five days before Friday. Friday quickly became the setting of a whirlwind of confusion and chaos, to say the least. By a rough count, around 176 players died in that twenty-hour span, and Youn was responsible for only five of those from his first game Russian Roulette this round.

It was in the morning hours when the first action began as Anti Frank Society was dropped from the stats page without a word just after 9 AM. RBR, a member of the former gang, Mr Chow Chow's Cheese Wheel, shot them by himself because he felt there were too many gangs.

The day again resumed its tranquility until half past one in the afternoon when Youn then held his first Russian Roulette of the round. Totenkopf walked away from the table as the victor with 1,000 new, shiny golden coins as SarahSilverman, Mastersword, Kygo, Konsult and Maleficent all lay dead behind. The 302 comments made in that Game Forum thread in two hours were quickly shadowed by the biggest event of the day that happened next.

Less than two hours after, starting with Scarcio at 4:30pm, The Syndicate opened fire and brought down the behemoth that's ruled the top of both the Stats and States pages for just over a month. The boss of the previously mentioned, Mr Chow Chow's Cheese Wheel, died during that shooting from backfire, and without council for the spot to fall to, that gang spot dropped as well. Nine shooters took down the family and it immediately sparked a massive spree of comments flying in the Game Forum collecting over 450 by the time of publication. Most notably, players questioned whether the new backfire feature worked, and for more information about that, and the wipe of Death Valley, go check out the other articles in the Buzz!

Back to the events that unfolded after that, just an hour later, KawhiLeonard independently took down Get Money Cartel because of a threat made against him by the boss, Congo, after a heated conversation in the Off Topic Forum of a FTP thread in which KawhiLeonard hitlisted and later removed hostage for being the first to post. This is covered along with one of the following wipes by FlameS.

For a moment, everything seemed to have calmed down, but in the dust, it was noticed most of the members of The Reckoning were abandoning their crew spot and joining forces with Dutch Inc. It came as quite a surprise to most online at the time to see The Sacred Empire falling down just four hours after the previous shooting. FlameS also has explained this further in detail in his article about Dutch Reckoning bringing down TSE.

KawhiLeonard wasn't finished shooting still after already having killed over twenty-eight players, and "out of boredom" decided to also wipe The Crew and the ten members who had been residing in that spot. Both of the crew wipes KawhiLeonard is responsible for are discussed in FlameS' article.

Trailing into the early morning hours of Saturday, The Black Widows, or as they recently changed their name to, Virtual Insanity, were also wiped allegedly by The Deadly Knights, who later joined them in the graveyard as a result of being shot by Dutch Reckoning also. ReJestration deciphered all the information he could gather and presented a great article about this also in the Buzz this week.

In the midst of the confusion, multiple other crewless ranks were killed, Arcanum and a few other gangs were removed from the stats page as well, and the race among the highest ranks resumed as Tyn, Claartje, Zey and TayZ were all thought to be left standing in contention for the open Nation Don spot, and both the Legendary and Respectable Dons gunning for their chance at one of the soon-to-be six open State Don spots.

Then, in a last minute addition for a brief mention in this week's issue with much more infomation to come next week, it appeared that Death Valley struck back against Dutch Reckoning with a possible alliance with Haze Blazers as in the hours leading up to this publication, Dutch Reckoning was nearly wiped with only a few accounts left to hold the family's spot. It appeared to be an alliance with Haze Blazers as even though it was confirmed the reincarnated accounts of Death Valley were shooting, the former State Don of Nevada, Friction, now under the name of QueenOfKings, picked up all the dropped bullet factories while residing as a member in green.

Zey was killed during the wipe, and it was heard that even though The Reckoning may have been allies and even friends with Death Valley at one point, that had been terminated after a backstabbing.

An exciting week, to say the least...
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