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Behind The Name! CoastieII

I randomly choose, with my eyes closed, three different people from the user's online list. My interview with each participant is different, and hopefully slightly unique. I asked several game related questions about them, as well as a few random questions for what seems like no apparent reason whatsoever. So without further delay, lets get to those interviews.

Interview with BadBorz

1:Okay, well lets start easy. Where did you come up with your name?
"It was meant to be only Borz without Bad, and Borz means wolf in Chechnian language, but in the previous round someone already took that name."

2:If you die, will you become GoodBorz?
"No, I will go with my other known name, Noxcho, which means Chechnian."

3: Nice! So how long have you been playing bootleggers?
"six years , on and off."

4:Do you like all the new updates of this round?
"I love'em! They did a great job, the booze run is a great idea! I also like how they made the mission section more important!"

5:So, now to the important questions.. What, in your opinion, is the best sandwich of all time, and your biggest fear?
" Turkey! And Spiders!”

6: Happiest memory?
"In my childhood, we used to live in a house and a big farm, and we were friends with all of the neighbors, we used to play a lot of games and throw a lot of parties , it was great!"

7: What's your favorite part of bootleggers?
"Gambling of course, and making pictures."

8: Nice, so how do you like Dutch inc.?
"It's fine here, everybody is friendly and they know how to play the game and have fun at the same time."

9:Sounds good to me, thank you very much for your time. Is there anything you wish to add about yourself? A fun fact perhaps? Or a shout out?
”Thank you as well, I have always wanted to do this. I would like to tell the community of bootleggers to take it easy on the mods, they are doing their best! I have never seen such quick responding and hard work from their side, so we got to help them, not make silly jokes and suggest stupid ideas.

Interview with SedatedCrackWhore

1:To start with, let's go easy. Where did you come up with your name?
"It's been so long, I've kind of forgotten exactly where it came from. But I think it was a play on a few songs."

2: Okay, speaking of which.. How long have you been playing bootleggers?
"Umm... Around 9 years."

3:Do you like all the recent updates this round thus far?
"I like a lot of them so far. The only one I feel really needs to go is that you can't make a regular OC as a gangster. Once you're a "made man" you should be able to. But whatever. It's not like I'm actually playing anymore."

4:Understandable complaint, now on to the important questions.. What, in your opinion, is the best sandwich of all time?
"Very important question, I'm glad you actually asked. I was afraid you weren't going to. A grilled cheese. But not your momma’s grilled cheese that she made you when you were little. No, this is a work of art that I'm talking about. A macaroni, spinach and bacon grilled cheese with pesto.."

5:Of course, I have to ask. I have yet to get two people say the same thing. What is your biggest fear?
"I doubt you ever will. But we both know mine will probably be your best answer. What comes after death. If there really is a Hell that is where I'm headed, no questions. But what scares me more is if there's nothing. "

6:That's deep, what would you say is your happiest memory?
" My happiest memory would probably be when I was really young, my uncle would take me everywhere with him. He brought me home around midnight once, my mom greeted us at the door, and before she could say anything I told her to chill out because we were out "picking up some fine women."

7:Now that sounds like a good time, what do you do for fun?
"I play WoW, read books, cook, let my cats chase a red laser light around the room and make them crash into the doors and walls... just typical stuff."

8:Thank you very much for your time. Is there anything you wish to add about yourself? A fun fact perhaps? Or a shout out?
"OH GOODIE A SHOUT OUT. Stop fucking asking me for money, you god damn asshats."

Interview with Capi

1: Sounds good to me, let’s start with your bl name ‘Capi’, where does that come from?
" When I started playing bootleggers, I thought I need a cool "Gangster" name. I started with the name: Capoditutticapi (Capo di tutti capi) which means, boss of all bosses. This name was given to the most powerful leader of the American mafia back in 1900. When I got shot I though this name is way too long to remember, so I shorted it to Capi."

2:So how long have you been playing bootleggers?
"I started playing in I guess it was 2007 when we got ADSL. I live in a small village so it took some time when the faster internet was over here. After playing for 2.5 years I quit. A halve year ago I was curious if Bootleggers was still online. I've been playing BL active since this new round."

3: Nice, do you like all the updates this round thus far?
"Mm.. compared with round seven, I don't see much difference. The bank update was really necessary in combination with the visibility of your wealth on the profile page. I also like the idea of booze runs, which allows you to gain some money real quick."

4:Good point, so on to the important questions.. What, in your opinion, is the best sandwich of all time?
"The best sandwich of all (which you can eat hot or cold): Chicken with Cajun (spice).
Whats is in:
- Chicken in Cajun spices (baked)
- Corn
- Selery
- Mayonaise
Put this all on some Italian bread.
For the dutch people: (got to eat right now myself)"

5: That is definitely a unique response to that. What's your biggest fear?
"My biggest fear is to die ( in real life). The feeling that your whole life was for nothing. The fear that you won't see the people you love again."

6:Unfortunately death is one of the only things that is guaranteed. What would you say your happiest memory is?
" Unfortunately it is.. My happiest memory is more a time period in my life. The period of growing up starting from an age of 14 till 18/19; discovering the world with your best friends; getting drunk the first time, flirting (hard failing) with girls, fights, all the shit you've done with friends, etc. "

7:Thank you very much for your time. Is there anything you wish to add about yourself? A fun fact perhaps? Or a shout out?
"Thank you! I like the interview a lot, although I had some struggling with translating into English. I would say: Don't forget to reproduce yourself! Keep living in the real world instead of behind a computer."

Well that is it for this week. If you want to be featured just make sure you're online, and you may be chosen. Thank you all for reading, enjoy the remainder of your weekend. Coastie out!