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A Busy Day For TDK ReJestration

After the shooting of over 100 accounts on Friday, coming from two families, a crew and a gang, it is not hard to see that another, smaller shooting, could be over-looked. However, 3 hours after the guns fell silent from shooting The Sacred Empire, they burst back into life again! This time they were in the hands of The Deadly Knights and they were aimed at 20 specific targets, some crewless accounts, possible shooters Ylva, Boss of TDK stated, and also the members of Virtual Insanity, formerly known as The Black Widows.

The Buzz was unable to contact anyone from Virtual Insanity who was able to give an interview, so speculation is the only option as to whether they will return, and whether revenge will be high up on their agenda. But fortunately, we were able to briefly contact Ylva for some of the details of the shooting! It took just over nine minutes from the first death at 03:04:20AM to shoot 435,500 bullets from three different guns, belonging to Ylva himself, Syon and Sundaymorning, the latter of which died during the backfire. When asked for a reason as to why TDK wiped VI, Ylva said “I am trying to have good relations with all crews... And I have succeeded since I have known many for a long time. We do hit some crewless accounts from time to time (suspected shooters) and we chose a crew with the help of our allies to shoot since we had extra bullets.” A point was also made that Ylva and TDK had nothing to do with the shootings of Death Valley and The Scared Empire.

Ylva was unable to give much more information on the shooting as he was busy with work, so it was hoped that The Buzz would be able to catch up with him later, to get more juicy details. However, fate would not see this happen, as before the chance to speak with Ylva again occurred, he and TDK would be on the receiving end of a hail of bullets!
This time those holding the guns would be operating for Dutch Reckoning (DR), recently changed from Dutch Inc. Just 10 hours after their own shooting, the first TDK member would be shot, soon to be followed by more, and then, to the graveyard came Sway, a DR member also known as Aldo from The Syndicate, who was, to be assumed, assisting DR. How Sway died was not shared with The Buzz only that “[Aldo was] unable to see how I was killed due to the fact that I actually do not exist.” This TS response could mean that Aldo’s previous account was either killed via backfire, like Sundaymorning from TDK was, or he was killed by going after an account that was in a level of a crew that was not available for shooting. After the death of Sway the rate at which members of TDK filled the morgue slowed down. KawhiLeonard, another member of TS also assisting DR to shoot TDK, stated that “Sway's death affected the speed of killing TDK yes. So it took us a bit longer to get the job done.” However, get the job done they did, with Ylva himself being the final member of TDK to get shot at 16:19PM. Most unfortunately, Ylva was not able to comment on whether TDK shall return or whether they would bring vengeance with them, but being a rather large, long-standing crew, it would not surprise many to see them return.

“Friends become enemies, enemies become friends. I like Ylva boss of TDK a great deal, on a personal level even.." Vida, a founder of DR told The Buzz, "But, the fact remains this is a mafia game and that bad judgement and poor decision making can lead to stuff like this."
When Vida was asked why DR shot TDK he said, "Many people in the past weeks have decided on TDK's fate, and we were the ones acting it out."
He was very limited with the information he chose to share and finished with, "As with most of my answers, I am not going into details of this. I can't give you any information about that.”

Yet another answer that leaves mysteries in its wake, perhaps only the people of TDK know what the cryptic message means, but for everyone else, it seems speculation is the only available option at this point.