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The Fall of Death Valley Joke

A substantially larger event to be added to the history books than anything else that has happened thus far of Round 8, to say the least, shook the community Friday as nine members of The Syndicate took down the family that has gracefully controlled the top of both the States and Stats pages, Death Valley.

The fourth to go down, but the first to post in the game forum, SweeneyTodd immediately knew Death Valley was soon to be no more. A simple, "RIP Death Valley" forum post lead to over four hundred and fifty comments. Many players that were in complete shock and disbelief, and a few surprised reincarnated members of DV, to say the least, claimed the new backfire feature wasn't correctly working as it should stop or hinder a wipe of such magnitude. It was discussed in the typical quite heated fashion and agreed that there was a highly coordinated and powerful group comprised of many individuals that were responsible if it wasn't simply the exploit of a bug.

The group of nine, very experienced and knowledgeable shooters were lead and organized by Moxie, under the name of Cohesion, who quickly died from backfire while killing Devilschild early in the spree. RBR, aka Ronnie, was responsible for taking down Spartacus as a Godfather, and with his other thirteen kills, only shot 375,450 bullets. Bridget took credit for eight, including the California State Don, Kingofdeath. KawhiLeonard, aka 7UPR shot the State Dons of New Jersey and Illinois, respectively, Evisu and SammyBoy. Reyna, aka Nickeh, shot five. BlackLabel, aka Sander, was responsible for thirteen of DV's dead. Syrah and MooseBites also shot, along with one last shooter that could not be credited as the Buzz failed to organize all the information in time.

The new backfire feature is discussed a little further in length in another article in this week's issue of the Buzz, but in short, it was explained to the Buzz that backfire "is not guaranteed to happen for any given kill, nor is any single backfire meant to be incapacitating" according to Caboose. For taking out around sixty members of the crew and at least one of their underground shooters, one death from backfire shows they have quite a solid understanding of the new feature and how to work with it, and they were not eager to share their knowledge. Of course, it's uncommon for The Syndicate to share anything, but this week they seemed to open up to the Buzz. Although they refused on multiple occasions to answer the billion dollar question as to why they did it, only giving the well known adage, "The Syndicate does not exist," they did answer many other questions pertaining to the wipe. In total, since they "buy bullets," it was confessed the nine shooters collectively went through only just over 50,000 gold coins that they earned by simply playing the game, as a unit. "De chacun selon ses moyens, à chacun selon ses besoins" was an initially confusing thing to hear from Goosy, the newly appointed public information officer of The Syndicate, when asked about the method they used to fund the wipe. After a bit of Googling, it became apparent they are indeed a strong crew following the model Karl Marx set, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." Goosy continued on to answer the questions that were rampant in the game forum regarding backfire, "It's all about tactical healing. As for the healing, all I will say is, don't use all your gold in one 50hp boost. And protection repairs are crucial!" As for the questions pertaining to the deaths of the State and Nation Dons, Goosy had no comment.

In addition to questioning of the efficacy of the backfire feature, it was evident there was widespread confusion on the order of events that needed to take place in order to drop a crew from the stats page, in order to wipe them. Whether the information that was announced in the Kill Information topic in the Game Forum was noticed, read and/or understood, or not, the necessary steps in order to kill a stats gang, crew or family are, in BSF's words, as follows: "In regards to crews, you can only kill members if they are in the bottom layer of the crew OR if >50% of the members in the layer(s) below them have been killed. So you will need to start from the bottom layers and work your way up. If you attempt to kill a member without doing this first, you will instantly be killed by the member (so long as they have a gun and a minimal amount of bullets). You need to research the crew structure using a Private Investigator to determine which members you can start shooting (the crew structure will then be displayed in the crew profile once researched). When a crew member has been killed, no changes can be made to the crew members for 3 hours (meaning kicking/promoting/demoting/accepting members as well as leaving your crew)."

The Buzz coincidentally was able to obtain a screenshot of the crew structure of Death Valley, located at the bottom of this article, and by cross-referencing the tiers with the order of the deaths, one can easily identify the shooters followed those requirements. The entire council had been taken out before the Boss, DeathMoment, was shot. Some pointed out that the crew was dropped, or the council had begun falling into the graveyard before they joined them, and it is something the Buzz would like point out again and remind everyone that after 50% of each tier is killed is the point which the shooters are then capable of moving up the chain, but that does not mean they will not come back to finish what they started and kill in any order.

The former Nation Don, now using the name Crumbo, had brief words for the Buzz, "There were some nice shootings, no doubt; they were fast." In addition to a few not so friendly words towards The Syndicate, he continued, "by the end of the day, it's a game, and we will have fun hunting them all the round. I enjoyed being Nation Don for 33 Days, and I'm really not sad for being killed."

This Buzz writer unfortunately regrets to admit he wasn't provided enough time, or graced with enough attention and memory to check and assure all parties were reached out to, and whether or not Death Valley was ever contacted, we weren't able to get any further comment from them for this week's issue, but as in the hours leading up to this publication they made the news again by wiping those accounts that shot them down, rest assured there will be a large feature on them coming next week!

(Editor's note: As everyone is well aware, the buzz team and I were an incredible amount of material to cover this week as everyone was very generously busy creating news for us to document. I regrettably made the mistake of saving the best for last and started writing this article after the rest of the Buzz. These are literally the last few words I'm writing before the publish of this issue. Of the last 42 hours, at least 36 of them have been writing, interviewing and planning this week's issue. I'm sorry I couldn't have provided more of the information rattling around in my head, and I apologize to those interviewed for the time you spent with me and the words you said that haven't made it in this week's issue. I'd also really like to thank everyone as much as I can for their patience and time spent for the Buzz. There will be an additional article written next week about Death Valley, The Syndicate and all other involved parties and for all information left out!)