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The Destruction Of The Sacred Empire FlameS

Much like the metaphorical London bus, you spend an age waiting for one and then two turn up at once. Much is the same this week with regards to a decent crew wipe. After watching Death Valley (DV) get taken out earlier in the day we were barely over posting in all the RIP topics from the other action when we start to see members of The Sacred Empire (TSE) being shot.

When a newer gang or crew is killed there is of course a story to chase, news to bring and a community to inform. However TSE much like DV are almost institutions this round, their family spots took hard work, leadership and dedication and to have two taken out on the same day is quite a sombre time. When attacking long term crews like this it is almost a given that you and your crew is going to face some sort of backlash, thus the reasons for shooting are usually serious enough to outweigh the consequences. Unfortunately from the point of view of a Buzz writer the real reasons of people’s actions are sometimes the most difficult commodity to acquire.

As discussed at length in the Buzz this round we have reported on the installation of an “alliance” between some of the major crew spots on the stats in response to threats from underground crews in previous rounds. It has previously been confirmed that members of this alliance included The Sacred Empire, Death Valley and Dutch Inc amongst others.

Shortly before the bullets started flying members of The Reckoning that housed some of the shooters from earlier in the day, moved into the Dutch Inc spot and the creation of Dutch Reckoning (DR) was complete. After the bullets started flying it was apparent that the shooters were coming from inside the DR crew spot. The Buzz were quick to act and contacted both Vida – Founder of DR and AbuRagheb – Boss of TSE. As always when this happens the victims are willing to speculate and talk, and the attackers are less willing to spill the beans.

We spoke to Vida first for the usual who, what, where, when and whys. We asked him why DR took the step to break the alliance and shoot TSE and he replied by saying;

“This alliance many have been speaking of throughout the round consisted of several crews among ourselves and The Sacred Empire, fact is that TSE offended many individual people in the skype group chat we used to communicate with each other and several people started complaining and one thing led to another”
Vida said

It is true the The Syndicate were a member of this alliance along with Dutch Inc, Goosy – Of TS mentioned to the Buzz that they helped co-ordinate and fund the TSE kills, we asked Vida whether it was planned from the start that DR would violate the alliance or whether their plans changed over time, he replied;

“Dutch Inc was a full member of the alliance who never considered breaking it up, but in the end we had our reasons and The Sacred Empire (high) council are fully aware of these reasons.”
Vida said

We asked if he could confirm he received aid from TS for making the kills, he replied;

“I wouldn’t know.”
Vida said

We tried to summarise the conversation with Vida by asking if we had everything correct as far as he concerned that DI joined forces with TR to become DR before the shooting who then attacked TSE because of problems with them at high council level. Again Vida replied;

“Everything you just said is correct but I said there were issues with The Sacred Empire as whole. A crew is only as good as its members and founders/council so when the council fucks up it reflects badly on its members. This obviously also works the other way around.”
Vida said

Unfortunately Vida was unwilling to discuss specifics about the shooting and therefore we are unable to bring you stats in terms of gold used, so at this point we felt our questioning was complete and went to find AbuRagheb outspoken and respected TSE boss.

We started by asking the almost obvious question if he thought that the alliance had fallen apart and if The Syndicate were really part of it. He replied;

“There are agreed on terms in the alliance and today's events that had DV wiped violated those terms. Yes they were, so were DI.”
AbuRagheb said

We asked him why he felt that TS and DI would break the alliance and he wanted time for things to settle down before he could make an informed retort on the reasons behind it but he did go on to say;

“It's not much of a surprise really, we know TS's type of play, I'm not entirely sure who they are dragging with them, but TS doesn't do things unplanned they have plans up their sleeve that they'll want to pull off, and they are pretty good at what they do it'll all come down to who is the better crew.”
AbuRagheb said

It did seem to us like the TSE boss was not that shocked at all and he did mention in the interview that he was almost mentally prepared for the attack. What we couldn’t really get out of the shooters was a specific reason for the shooting (Surprise, surprise). So we asked AbuRagheb if he could provide more insight than TSE were attacked just out of dislike as the shooters suggested, he replied;

“Well, DI did back-stab us pretty badly my guess is that it's a bullshit reason to cover for the shame of what they did after all we've done for them they were given 2 BFs (Bullet Factories) as the rest of the alliance were they were aided and supported to keep their spot and BFs, we shot with them and stood our ground defending them from other crews interested in shooting them, saw them as our allies and acted upon it, their reasons are completely unjustified, they never spoke to me about the matter. And Dalton and Bas are well aware that I'm always willing to speak in such matters I always explained to them clearly the reasons behind my actions and they were never forced into doing anything they didn't agree on we treated them with respect and favored them over many other crews wishing to take their place.”
AbuRagheb said

We asked then why he expected the shooting, why had he prepared for it mentally if all this help had been provided, he came back to us saying;

“DI were highly influenced by TS, they had them from the balls, manipulated them greatly we always knew TS were going to be a risk so we took precautions, made our motives clear I knew DI respected us for what we've done for them, but we knew TS were manipulating them and turning them against us. I was hoping to visit them and make sure they get the attention needed not to turn, I never got around to it with life being hard and my council losing activity.
AbuRagheb said

I really got a sense here that he was not joking when he said he was expecting it, and there was a true solemn touch in his words, he ended the interview by telling us that he felt he had failed his members and that was a bad note to leave on.

Well to summarise fellow bootleggers, if nothing else this was an impressive wipe, taking out a family spot is no easy feat nowadays, it takes co-ordination and funding, was this provided by The Syndicate against The Sacred Empire or were Dutch Inc acting alone, what do you all Dutch Reckon?