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The Chronicles of KawhiLeonard – Part 1 – Get Money Cartel FlameS

AvonBarksdale AKA Congo– boss of Get Money Cartel (GMC) has always been known to have barrels of confidence, it would not be strange to find him threatening lesser opposition in the forums, and why not? He clearly has enough resources to throw his weight around a little.

Unfortunately, something that most playground bullies experience at some point in their lives is that somewhere out there is someone willing to take you on and win.

Our tale of a bully getting beaten starts with an off topic forum game of First to Post. KawhiLeonard makes a spin on the game by hitlisting the player that posts in the topic first for $1Million, he also sends the now targeted player the same amount. In this Saw™ version of the game the contestant – hostage needs to decide either to use the cash to buy himself off or to keep it and hope that no-one shoots him. Unfortunately for him he is only a thug making $1Million quite a nice bounty, thus almost immediately hostage buys himself off the hitlist and coming away with nothing.

During this short time of debating from hostage some players have seen their chance and have started their searches. Enter Congo, now several hundred thousand dollars down from using the best Private Investigator, and seething that the player is now off the hitlist. A selection of some of the following quotes were taken from the off topic forum during the fiasco to give you an idea of the timeline involved;

well need to start all over
hostage said

You transferred $1,111,111 to hostage
KawhiLeonard said

You successfully bought hostage off the hitlist
hostage said

Wise descission
KawhiLeonard said


Not really cuz im searching him, He gettin shot anyways now
congo said

hostage i got your back brother
KawhiLeonard said

Well that is the scene truly set in my eyes. As you can imagine there is now a number of too and froing about how much gold and bullets either party has and a number of threats are distributed from either side of the argument. Now at this point if I were Congo I would maybe give myself 50/50, however subsequent to this argument having seen the person I had threatened take down the entirety of Death Valley that ratio is likely to have shifted slightly in their favour.

A day after this argument takes place and the kills start to happen, GMC is wiped completely off the stats, and 14 of its members including the boss Congo are killed. Congo immediately posts in the graveyard that revenge will be taken. The Buzz take a trip to interview the apparent sole shooter – KawhiLeonard fresh also from his help in wiping Death Valley. We ask him a number of questions about his motives and whether he expects any serious repercussions from GMC.

He confirmed that the GMC wipe was a one man job and was completed following the threats he had received from Congo – he went on to make a statement;

Barking dogs don't bite. I'd rather see his words getting converted to action(s). For now all he does, is tell fairytails.

Congo does not have enough sources to be a big player within this game. Only thing he has is a big mouth. A lot of promises but no actions. For me he does not exist really. Hmm “does not exist”, Sounds familiar. Anyways! I see DV or allies of DV take action towards me much faster than either Congo or 'GMC'.
KawhiLeonard said

KawhiLeonard went on to say that wiping GMC had only taken him 50,000 bullets.

Part two of the adventures of KawhiLeonard took place shortly after the GMC wipe where he also took out 10 accounts thus wiping The Crew. Gathering information from this wipe was more difficult as the graveyard was now highly populated with cadavers and both the Buzz team and KawhiLeonard were in need of some sunshine I imagine. This seems like a bit of a cop out, and I hope to bring you the story of the killing of The Crew next week.

In summary to this article KawhiLeonard has been an impressive character this week, firing over a million bullets during his adventures, part one has taught us one thing about our main character – insult him at your peril.

And lastly, I want to personally thank KawhiLeonard on behalf of The Buzz Team for his co-operation and time dedicated to helping us get the information we require to write the articles.