Sunday, August 3rd, 2014
Issue: 15   Editor: FlameS

The Editorial Joke

Hello everyone!

After answering nearly the same question dozens of times over the last week, I found it somewhat prudent an idea to write to you all personally as the newest Co-Editor of The Buzz.

I'll touch on many things in this editorial, but I guess I'll start with a little autobiography? I'm usually quite modest and hate talking about myself, but I'm writing this to help you all get to understand the Editor's life, and where I'm coming from, so it may help. I'm John Holden, I'm 24 and I live in Colorado. I've spent five years in school studying Chemistry, Biology and Emergency Medicine, and I will one day attend Medical School. For now, I'm an EMT and a firefighter, but I'm working in the Oil and Natural Gas industry, 15 hours a day for three weeks straight, with one week off. (It's for this reason, and the fact that all the other Buzz writers also have lives and cannot promise to devote the time required every single week to bring you the Buzz you all deserve and should get that it is so essential we find some more writers and grow the Buzz team. But I'll talk about that below.) I pride myself most with my honesty. I love being outside, so I really try to limit my time spent in front of a screen, or on my phone ignoring the human beings around me. Camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, four wheeling, and golfing are some of my more notably favorite things to do as Colorado is really an awesome, beautiful and wonderful place to live. Laughter, though, is my favorite thing about life.

I was 14 when a neighborhood friend showed me this new site on which you could steal cars! It immediately captured my interest and attention, but I was always quite ignorant of what this game truly was like, always quiet, and always immature. I played off and on over the years, to my best guess I participated briefly in Rounds 1, 3 or 4, and the last few months of 5 and first couple of 6. In February of this year, I got a job that was quite boring and remembered I used to pass time with this site and returned. I played a few days but as I saw the round was nearing its end, I chose to wait until the fresh, new start to become obsessed again, and I've been playing ever since April. I've always used the name Joke, and I don't really know where or how that online moniker arose. I've never been UG, I've never been in any crews other than The Invisibles, and I've never killed anyone or even made the rank of Don until this round.

I wrote for the Buzz under Mika for a couple months in the beginning of Round 6, and I had so much fun doing so, I joined again eleven weeks ago, then becoming co-editor a month ago. I love the Buzz, though, and I always have. Before I ever joined, I would always look forward to reading it to pretend like I was actually aware of what's going on and to learn what I missed. I thought the writers were the cool ones in the game, the unsung heroes that had earned my respect for doing what they did. When I first joined the team, I thought it was so awesome to have an extra forum that all the other players didn't, to be on the team getting the cutting-edge information before anyone else, and to be in the authoritative position to say something to such a large audience. I was immature and quite arrogant at that time. Now, also as I've previously mentioned, I don't like talking about myself, and I especially don't like being the center of anyone's attention, so I'm almost more concerned the size of the audience I'm addressing weekly with articles. When I wrote the article The Dogeleone article, nearly five hundred people whom I've never met, never talked to, and possibly even never known to exist all read what I had to say, and it humbled me. I know nothing about anything, especially compared to many of those five hundred, but yet I'm trying to present new information.

So, without further rambling on about that, I'd like to move on to what I've noticed my life to become after becoming an Editor.

I've largely ignored all my real life friends, I maybe send 5 texts a week as compared to 5 an hour previously, and I've spent very little time on Facebook since I've begun playing Bootleggers again. But the five players I'm friends with on Facebook have realized all I usually use that for is to share jokes with all of my friends. When I would post a really funny joke, I'd get upwards of forty likes, and I'd regrettably let it get to my head, a little. I'd feel proud I came up with something so funny, I'd feel special forty of my friends actually took the time out of their day to read what I had to say and felt compelled to press that 'like' button. I hated that I felt that way and constantly consciously kept my humility in check. However, with the enormity of this audience, as I have already mentioned, I'm beyond humble, and almost to the point of worried. Some people have called me or mentioned that I am a celebrity, and although that obviously comes with this position, I don't desire that; I do this job only because I can ignore that fact. Although, my friends list has somewhat exploded, which is nice because that's why I play this game and do what I do, for you guys, but it's bad because I see my friends killing my friends and I must remain objective and report the facts as I learn them.

I'm loyal to and I will forever love The Invisibles. I bleed pink. However, I applied to EH last week because I love all the guys and girls in there, they're hilarious and great fun. I like the TS guys because they're also fun and exciting. I like DV because they play the game right, very respectable and loyal, as is TSE. I have yet to get the chance to learn about Dutch Reckoning, The Prophecy, Hell's Den, The Commission and Criminal Grounds in addition to all the other crews both on and off the stats. I'm a very friendly person and I have many friends in every crew. I may or may not shoot, but I probably won't just because I am too nice. However, the point to my long, long rant here is that whether I am in any way involved, the Buzz will not suffer from any bias or be influenced in any way. If I write a story I am unknowingly involved with in any way, no information, facts or accounts will be intentionally left out; no actions or inactions taken will be a conscious decision to do so; no words will be written to sway your thoughts at all. I am a totally neutral and unbiased player, I love everyone, and I love providing you all with the Buzz weekly.

Lastly, I know you've heard it hundreds of times before, we need more writers! I'll soon have an issuejust devoted to the Buzz in which I'll further discuss a Buzz Writer's life, so I'll try to keep this brief. I'm asked quite often what the requirements are for and to be a Buzz writer, and honestly, you can make arbitrary requirements of one article a week, (which, of your 168 hours a week only requires maybe one, sometimes) but as long as you're not on the team only to get the glory of being in blue on the Users online page and take advantage of the fact your audience is so large, any help you can provide to the team of volunteers is appreciated and more than enough justification for your presence on the team. As long as you can keep the sensitive information the Buzz team is privy to before many others a secret, and you're willing to help us provide this very appreciated part of the game to all players weekly, please consider joining! And we try to conduct interviews with all involved parties, of course, but that doesn't always work out as ideally as we'd hope. It is definitely not a terrible idea to come to a Buzz writer to get your side represented and come to us with the information of what happened. Remember, we're volunteers here for the community, don't hesitate to make our jobs easier!

This is not just an article to further celebritize myself. I just thought you should all be provided the knowledge of who I am, and why I'm here, and to assure you that you will receive the weekly news in the best quality to the highest standards anyone can provide to the best of my ability. I imagine I will continue to include an editorial weekly, but it will be as needed to explain myself and where I come from, and next week I'll try to get FlameS to do this so you can all understand just how busy he is with his job, and how passionate he is to be the Buzz Editor as well.

But we're here for and because of you, so I'd really love to thank every single one of you for not only making this possible, but for all your kind words for us doing so.

Thank you!
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