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A Little Something I Wrote... Shogun

It's Friday the 13th and I am meeting up with some friends to go out. We joke about the date, but after a few drinks, we laugh it off.
We are going to a club to have a good time and when we enter, everything seems perfect. Right lights, right beats, fine ladies, all is just right.
My friends are chatting with some ladies and in the corner of my eye, I spot her! I am checking her out while she is on the dance floor, moving like she is
one with the music. While looking at her our eyes meet and neither of us turns away. Like a magnet she is moving slowly towards me and when she finally arrives I offer her a drink and we start chatting. Strange feeling.. Like I have known her for years! Again, I laugh at my worries about Friday the 13th!
The night goes very well, more drinks, we are getting closer and closer, suddenly she whispers in my ear: hey sweetie, I hope you don't mind, but I am BI!
I cant believe my ears! She is?? IF I mind??!! My brains(and hormones!) are in overdrive while I check out her fine girlfriends and when I check those curves I cant control my mouth when it opens and releases sound on its own... WOOOOW... screw Friday the 13th! From now, on it's my Lucky day!
We are saying goodbye to our friends and head for the exit where we collect our coats, when she gently grabs and kisses me full of passion. After our kiss
she whispers in my ear: are you sure you have no problems with it? Of course not I assure her, I am a very open minded guy!
"Oh Sweetie!" she says, that's so nice. You are soooo understanding.. Most guys would freak out from a Bi-Polar woman!

(Editor's Comment: Aren't they all?! haha!)
Thanks Shogun for the submission!