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Corrections Joke

First off I'd like to apologize for the Buzz this week. It was quote chaotic for the Buzz team and we just couldn't get it all done.

In last week's issue, to start off the errors, I incorrectly stated our reincarnated writer's new name was "BarborousJester" However, his new name has been corrected for this issue.

Kauffman was quick to point out in the "Culmination of Controlled Chaos" that DV shooters were not confirmed to be behind the shooting of the Dutch Reckoning wipe. I apologize, but I was under the impression I was talking to two DV councilmen who were behind the shootings, but it appears Haze Blazers took down the crew. We tried to get more information on that for this issue, but regrettably did not.

I'd like to personally apologize to all of Death Valley for not representing them in the article about their wipe in accordance of my own personal standards. Whether it's that I'm overly-critical of my work, or whether I'm just retarded, that article was not the best and I wished I could redo it, but what's done is done. However, as they were wiped today, we will try to get their side of both stories for next week.

As I mentioned in the very long editorial, don't hesitate to contact the Buzz Editors or Buzz Team to get your story into the Buzz as it'd help make our job much, much easier and would more likely lead to a better representation of your side to the story!

Again, somehow I didn't notice the Two Car Organized Crime stats were wrong before publication. They'll work this week, or I'll suicide!