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Letters to the Editor Joke

I had the idea to start this to answer questions readers submit that more may also be curious of. It seems I'm often asked the same question multiple times quite regularly. However, for this week I was only able to cite one question as my mailbox seemed to have inexplicably shrunk and lost a majority I wanted to include. Feel free to ask any questions about the Buzz that come to your mind and I just may include them later in that week's issue!

I am considering submitting an article to the Buzz as it seems no one has told you the full story regarding the past few days.

Would you publish it? It will incriminate your crew though so I appreciate it's an awkward position to put you in.

If so, when would you need it by?
SevenVirtues said
Hell yeah I'll publish it! I am honestly looking forward to reading it!

Regardless of my crew affiliation at any point in time the buzz is neutral and will never be biased as long as I'm there. It is my crew. If anything with the Buzz happens to make things awkward, then I'll deal with that then. Even more so, freelance articles are designed for this exact purpose!

I will only ever edit freelance articles to help prevent embarrassment with spelling or grammar mistakes, or to help those without a firm grasp on the English language. I don't feel I need to approve anything ever, so I don't ever need them in any sooner than just before we publish, and we publish every Sunday morning as close to 12am Bootleggers time as possible.