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Forum Quotes of the Week Joke

I'd like to warn some of you, there is some explicit material below, but I figured we're all mostly adults here.
I apologize for any offense anyone may take.

Ye it's the logical thing to do, if in rl I go for a swim in the ocean, do I keep my wallet on me and risk loosing it to the depths or some greedy fish? No I leave it with my friends.
Muddymess said

I am hearing this insanely annoying 'ticking' sound every few seconds. What is it and where can I turn it off?
MrAtlas said

Could it be that your the EE?
Gengar said

I do it cause I just can't see it Might be intoxicated. Might just not be giving a single fuck. Oops can I say that word?
VooDooDoll said

Sometimes I think I just get in a hurry and push shit
VooDooDoll said

Wait, what's wrong with masturbating?!
VooDooDoll said

Squirrels are fiesty fuckers
Mason said

[quote=Mob][quote=Tyn][quote=Mob]Met a 1 fella from this here bootleggers named LazioGogolack.

The fucking cunt started swinging a bat or something about at us.[/quote]You sure that was a bat?[/quote]

Oh yes and he also started swinging his cock and balls in our direction aswell[/quote]

Still got his number?
Mason said

[quote=ChanceTheRapper]also on whereever a name can be clickedw. mgsdfoi0guj9fisnphif0s kp[/quote]

Did he just get raped mid sentence?
Mason said

[quote=Link123][quote=iGiggles_v4]Event Horizon becomes the ultra super power that nobody can stop whilst they continue their success and domination throughout the game.

That's what.[/quote]

theres probobaly alot of ug powers that havent made thier move[/quote]

Joke, you can use this as your joke of the week
Parsifal said