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Once Upon A Time FlameS

At the home page of Bootleggers you have the possibility to read previous issues of the Bootleggers Buzz. Based on the great work of our previous writers, we present you a new weekly article; once upon a time. In this article we share some events which occurred exactly a few years ago.

    Round 5, Issue 34, August 5th 2007.

  • The new Nation Don TheFlyingMonkey takes out 204 accounts including 3 state dons in a very impressive spait of shootings

    Round 5, Issue 85, August 3rd 2008

  • Moderator Annhilation is fired from the Elite Guard

    Round 5, Issue 137, August 2nd 2009

  • Moderator Raztaz steps down. 23rd Gunslingers are attacked by UG crew Plan B

    Round 6, Issue 39, August 1st 2010

  • HondaVTEC wins 2 Ipods in BSF2000s game. Nation Don Ramon takes out a couple of small crews.


  • No News

    Round 7, Issue 25, August 5th 2012

  • FlameS and ShyGuy become joint editors of the Buzz. FlameS wins $10M in The Hunger Games. Event Horizon wipe The Finishing Touch.

    Round 7, Issue 77 August 4th 2013

  • Padrinos Palace is dropped, The Family are likely behind the wipe.

    I hope these stories give you the same amount of nostalgia as they do for me.