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Event Horizon’s Grand Auto Theft! Jesteros

Happy Birthday Event Horizon, you don’t look a day over eight! In celebration, they are holding a competition, and you are all invited - if you dare!

With the collaboration of Caboose, Event Horizon has accepted his test account, PvtTucker, into their ranks for a grand auto theft extravaganza! PvtTucker has been loaded with many cars on hand, one of which is a very special car, the target of this competition. Those who want to try to steal the car and win the big prize will have to steal vehicles from Event Horizon members!

Nothing about the act of stealing cars from a crew has changed! If a member of Event Horizon has a weapon, they can and will still attempt to shoot at you during the burglary attempt! This can result in injury, and possibly death, (if you aren't a fan of going to the hospital,) so compete with this in mind!!

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, the finer details;
The plate of the car is "EH9Years" and the title of the car is "Event Horizon 9th Year Anniversary!"
Furthermore, according to Caboose, the picture you normally see of the stolen car will this time be very special! The Buzz decided to leave that as a surprise for all of you, but we will show all of you next week regardless of whether the victor shares it on the game forum. Along with the special picture is a very apt congratulatory message, so if you can manage to steal this special car from PvtTucker, have no doubt it will be very obvious!

Of course, with every competition there has to be a tasty prize! Along with the car being valued at a nice $90,000, or being worth the same as the 1928 Mercedes-Benz 630K from Mission 10 in an OC, there is also $10,000,000 cash prize from Event Horizon up for grabs to the successful thief after it has been confirmed!

Speaking of confirmation, a new system has been put in place especially for today's event, so it will be crystal clear when the vehicle has been stolen, and by whom, thereby rendering it completely pointless to attempt to lie or cheat, so just steal!

Event Horizon has played host to one of these competitions before, and proved very successful. Therefore they're very excited and are looking forward to seeing many of you trying to steal their vehicles!

Finally, as the members of Event Horizon have known about this competition for a little while, be prepared to steal lots of low-end cars in your attempts for success! So, I shall just leave these quotes here;

Got 550 cars stacked. Come at me BL community!
Aeneass said

Duesenbergs: 14
Beauford: 27
Phaeton: 79
Chevrolet: 85
Stutz: 136
Comet: 103
Essex: 118
Starpegasus: 119
Total: 681

pfft, 550
Fuckle said

Disclaimer: TheBuzzCabooseandEHtakenoresponsibilityforanylossoflifelimborpropertyinthedurationofthiscompetition. Alltheftsareattemptedattheplayersownrisk.
Terms&Conditions apply.