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Born Under A Moxious Star Absolute

In the early hours of Saturday, August 9, FreePalestine, otherwise known as Moxie, became the first Notoriously Rich player of Round 8.

As the clandestine beneficiary at the heart of six of the nine bullet factories currently, such an outcome may come across as unsurprising.

However, the more than $300,000,000 fortune Moxie amassed this week, approximately 15 percent of total game money, was attained separate from his usual operations.

As luck had it, the fortune grew from the profits of three race tracks with max bets fluctuating between $222,222 and $444,444.

Soon after setting the record, Moxie revealed his previously concealed identity on his profile, left behind The 23rd Gunslingers Co. for Dutch Inc., and posted a Classifieds ad which read, "buying much gold."

While harboring the first Notoriously Rich player in the game will indubitably boost the overall influence of Dutch Inc., the crew's notoriety will undoubtedly increase simultaneously with yet another member of the Syndicate enrolled.

One could easily speculate that the ~$280,000,000 that FreePalestine had on hand at the time of Dystopian Society's fall on Friday afternoon may have played a decisive role in allowing the Gunslingers to secure one of six available crew spots that exist. Only time will tell whether or not his presence will bless Dutch Inc. in the same capacity.

In his usual fashion, Moxie refused to talk to the press.