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Extra, Extra! Read All About It! Joke

Here it is! The Buzz has been published! The information you've been waiting for is finally available! New features have been released and bugs finally fixed; you can now relax and worry no more, stress or complain never again.

Today the Buzz is proud to have been presented the opportunity to announce along with the staff that the culmination of hours Caboose has been slaving away on the keyboard has paid off and many new features and bug fixes are at last ready to be released! Many bugs have long been known associated with crews this round; many were immediately fixed when the green coat was picked up, but a few in particular that have been popularly discussed quite frequently are now no more. A couple of the many perks available to Crew Bosses that have been missing are now available for the first time in Round 8.

Seemingly the most important to many that frequently bring it up in the game forum is the inability for Bosses to mass message their members. Well, for all of you in crews, prepare to be spammed, because crew bosses may now send all the messages their heart desires!

A commonly mentioned complaint was that bosses couldn't donate to their crew bank. Only a few crews on the stats suffered as you can bet many bosses weren't to upset about their inability to match what they ask of their members. Those that did would have to send money to another member to donate on their behalf and their crew would suffer a 10% loss. Well, now crew bosses can not only donate to their bank, but can view all transactions! That means for some out there they're late on their dues and owe a lot to catch up!

Lastly, regarding crews, a new feature previously unimagined has been added! Not only can crew bosses see the transactions from their bank, but can see all previous actions taken and by which members/council in their crew allowed that made the changes!

However, regardless of crew affiliation or status, possibly the most exciting update is the release of a new feature in which while shooting another player allows you to possibly loot some of their cash before killing them