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Meet The Editor FlameS

Welcome to this rather self-obsessed article that I am calling the editorial. After John (Joke) introduced himself last week I felt it fitting that I should do the same for the few of you that may be interested at all.

My name is Joe and I am twenty-five years old, I am originally from Surrey in the UK. I was originally introduced to this game by my best friend Martyn aka Tynos when we were both 14 and lived about ninety seconds walk from one another. There were quite a few of us from the small Lincolnshire town that played back then funnily enough Sky went to my school as well I found out later. Tynos had played quite a lot longer than me along with some other people from our town, Facebreaker and Trotsky were probably the most well-known of them.

I joined the game at a time when the game was rife with exploiters, dupers and lots of general foul play, I was both naïve and in awe of the scale of the domination that some had achieved. At the time it was namely by Connexion and Flashpoint. I still remember to this day joining my first crew, it was run by FlashPoints brother – Monkey, the crew was called Iraq, there were several prolific members including 13loodthirsty. As the round progressed and I found my feet in the game I finally found a group of players whose playing style really closely aligned to mine, this was in a crew called The Eternal Circle, it was an amalgamation of two earlier crews and was run by Winnifield AKA RTMFW, the council included DamianBlackHeart and Slid3r. For whatever reason I also went on to join The Dogpound with Acylo and Vaups, along with Tynos the last few players I have mentioned really shaped my time on the game and I had huge aspirations to lead crews with the same values as they had, fairness and friendship.

I founded my first crew called Fusion with an American friend called Twiztid, I was scammed out of it by someone pretending to Esctasy, I was still of course a n00b at this point. This was around the time that I was first attracted to the Buzz, I joined the team as a writer in a time when you almost had to battle for a space rather than the team be desperate, the game dupes or no dupes was much busier back then.

I loved being a member of the team, watching the politics and economics mould around different powers that would stay for varying amount of times, the hugely respectable “stat” crews such as The Regulators, The Deadly Alliance and the timeless Event Horizon and also the super-efficient and exciting “Underground” crews like Stray Rounds, The Family and the ones that don’t exist.

Sorry for the personal note and like Joke, I very much dislike talking about myself however I will persevere; a few months into round six I was just three weeks away from following in Tynos’s footsteps and starting my basic training in the Royal Air Force when my health very much deteriorated and I was diagnosed with Leukaemia, I spent a long time in hospital and a long time away from the game. Sometime later at the start of round seven I re-joined the game with the same passion as before. I was now in University and studying Forensic Science with an emphasis on digital forensics, it was a great distraction whilst studying at times. Time went on and I was on the Buzz team again, eventually I was selected to be joint editor of the Buzz with ShyGuy, I had a fantastic time. I was also selected to be an HDO, the most proud moment of my BL career by far, I truly love helping this community. Rather unfortunately I had another cancer related health scare and had to leave the game again at short notice last round.

I again came back to the game about two months before the end of round seven, I kept myself to myself and was distraught to find the game in tatters, just a shadow of its former self. When the reset was announced I vowed that I would come back to reclaim my old posts and really put 100% effort in. I was asked to become editor when ShyGuy stepped down after the first issue and again took to the helm of the Buzz, unfortunately I had a bit of a culture shock, alas I am no more a single student with buckets of free time, I am engaged, I have a very demanding job as a forensic accountant and free time has had to be allocated to real life so much more.

Less time for the Buzz does not mean less enthusiasm however, I find it almost impossible to put into words exactly how badly I want to improve this game in any way I can, It provided so much to me at some of the lowest points in my life personally and it has real meaning to me, the community here is all I care about. Rest assured I know I and the Buzz receives an awful lot of criticism and I am not in any way too proud not to listen to the critics, if I thought for one minute there was a way the Buzz would be much better without me here I would step down in an instant. I realised that as the passion was there to make improvements the free time was not, thus after some emotional discussions with Mika I made a decision to appoint a Co-Editor. There was no other candidate in my mind, I had recently met someone on this game that I believed in more than any other Buzz member I have met over the last 9 years. John is a wonderful guy and has really put up with me, his energy and enthusiasm is unparalleled, to you John – I remove my hat.

I have been assigned to an eight to twelve week project that finally ends next weekend and I am looking forward to having more than one day a week off again, and I will allocate some extra time to make improvements to the Buzz in general. Stick with us, we will make the Buzz what you deserve.

PS, sorry for the autobiography, have a great weekend.