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Event Horizon's 9th Year Celebration DirtyJoke

Did you know you could go to Google, type in anything and add the terms "Buzz" and/or "Bootleggers" and find just about anything that we've ever published? Well, since Round 3, anyway. If you were to put in "Fuckle" and "bust" you would be provided a link to this article:

In it, you can read about how two years ago Fuckle held a similar Bust Competition in celebration of Event Horizon's 7 Years, but predating the current Bust Party feature in the Game Forum we all enjoy today, last time was a lot of work for him!

This year, the celebratory bust party Fuckle held was on Saturday at noon, and was the largest bust party in the four months of Round 8 so far amassing donations from so much of the community that the pot came up to a grand total of $25,000,123! It was quite a fun time shared by many, there were over half the players that were online participating in it at one point during the 500 bust, two and a half hour long party. Many were awarded prizes for random busts of $1,000,000, and $123, and any amount in between. When the busting came to a conclusion, Fuckle held a dice game for everyone with one bust in which a "crewless offline hitman" later logged in to see $5,000,000 on hand he previously didn't have.

Sunday, as soon as the Buzz was published, so too began an exciting car theft competition you can read all about in last week's issue. The Buzz accidentally and unknowingly reported you could die from shots fired during a successful auto theft which caused quite a bit of confusion amongst contestants. The competition lasted fifteen hours before Twann91 posted in the game forum humbly, "I got the car guys, sorry."

As mentioned, since the Buzz also serves as a chronicle throughout history in this game of ours, MsBettyB posted shortly thereafter in the Game Forum:

On behalf of EH I would like to announce the winner of the Grand Theft Auto, Twann91! Congrats Twann91 hope you enjoy your fishy car!

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped EH celebrate our anniversary through playing the grand theft auto and the bust comp that Fuckle so kindly hosted. Hope you all had as much fun as we did.

Happy bootlegging!
MsBettyB said

Speaking of "fishy car..."

While others weren't quite as lucky...

The Buzz graciously got the opportunity to speak with Twann91 about his experience during the grand auto theft extravaganza where he told all. "When I got home from work, I was reading the Bootleggers Buzz and saw that the event was going on. So I immediately began stealing cars from EH. Not paying attention to the forum and where everyone had been stealing cars and the states where many believed that possibly no cars were left. I just did my own thing. First, I tried stealing in Louisiana; after 10-15 attempts with no success, I traveled to California. My very first attempt was a Mercedes, and at first I had thought I had won the competition, until I noticed it didn't have the right license plate. I then began paying attention to the forums and while everyone was saying NY, I knew for sure it wasn't. I continued on, shortly after, I stole a second Mercedes, and then twenty minutes later, a third! I knew I was getting lucky, but even though I knew that, still, after stealing and stealing with no success, two hours later I was very surprised to see finally the license plate "EH9YEARS"I never thought that I would win the competition."

From all of us at the Buzz, thanks for reading, and congratulations again Twann91!

It was mentioned in the "Bloody Monday, Part: Two" article in this issue that Toscy, Kauffman and the rest of TSE, DV and ETS planned on wiping EH on Saturday during the Bust Party, and then when that was delayed, again on Sunday. Well, thankfully for all parties that didn't happen as not only did much of the community have fun busting Fuckle out of jail, only to get shot by him and the rest of the crew attempting to steal their cars, but with PvtTucker in there, it could've made for quite an interesting shooting! How does one plan to compensate for killing a "Legendary Child?" How many bullets would that calculate out to? And imagine the kind of backfire a character like that would possess with those highly illegal, futuristic weapons!

In conclusion, Happy 9th Birthday Event Horizon! Good luck in your final year on your way to a decade!