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Fuckle's Thoughts Fuckle

I have had a thought. Well, I guess I've had nine thoughts now. But my first thought is that the quality of the thought is to be determined, but a thought is a thought is a thought.

1. Tyn made a smart move to save EH, but should tactics like that be allowed? EG seemed to go back and forth with the updates, and I like where they ended up. There should be room for cleverness and cunning to come into play. Things like duping and scripting are no brainers to be against the rules, but you have to leave opportunity to play the game beyond what’s on the surface.

2. Why do players still frequent the GF after their crew is wiped? They aren’t speaking with a clear head, there are precious few who do anything but make a fool of themselves and their crew, and most of the ones who think they’re the exception to that rule, aren’t. If you ever want to learn about a crew and whether they’ll be a mainstay on the game, the hours after they’re wiped is the time to find out.

3. If this game is anything but a dictatorship, it can start proving itself by allowing the occasional outbreak of Queen in the GF.

4. How long should the game go on with one party dominating before a new round begins? I saw arguments mentioning that there should be plenty of time for other crews to rank up and fight back. But if people are leaving because they can’t get a foothold, then it doesn’t really matter who wins the round, everybody who wants this game to flourish is losing. The question should be rephrased to ‘How long will people stay if they’re on the wrong side of the battle lines?’

5. There seems to be a pattern forming in the last few resets. There’s a boost in activity at the start of the round, lasting only a month or 2 before a decline begins, continuing until the next reset. In other words, momentum is built by the fresh start of a reset, and lost by the game becoming stale and allowing it to play out until it’s unequivocally ‘won’. That tells me that the current approach isn’t doing the game any favours.

6. Nobody wants a reset every 3 months, and a set schedule isn’t the way to go. Maybe a ‘goal’ that needs to be achieved by a group every reset, or a set of conditions that only EG knows that would trigger a reset. Not saying that either of those are the answer, but it seems that something needs to change.

7. I think the Buzz would be better served if it were in a blog format. Imagine, a wipe happens. A big one. Say EH is shot. What happens now? A post in the BF, one person eventually claims it, they interview a couple people probably don't find much, probably don't do any real digging because well, why would they? And an article is published that gives the bare bones but offers nothing that couldn't have been found in forums by the time it's actually published.

Now, say it's a blog format. Oh shit, wipe! New Buzz post right away. The Buzz link in the top left goes yellow. 'EH getting shot! Accounts dropped quickly at first but have slowed in the past 15 minutes. Details to come!' Then every buzz writer that's on talks to everybody and anybody they know that might have anything to do with it, and they try to get to the bottom of it. They try to get details. It becomes a competition, who can get the scoop first? Make a points competition based on that. Writer gets enough scoops, he gets paid. Maybe something like that. Now, everybody else on the game can either go to the forums and sift through the bullshit and watch it unfold (many will), or they can check the Buzz. The next day, person who wasn't around doesn't have to read through pages and pages to know what happens, they just check the Buzz.

Although, there may be problem with fact checking. It would be easy for people to give bad info. One would have to figure something out on that. Maybe if someone gives bad information, especially on purpose, they're put on a do-not-interview list or something. I don't know, we could figure that down the road.

As for columns and other good reads like this, or the jokes article, create a schedule. Maybe have a release of that kind of thing on Sunday for the people who like to read the Buzz on sunday morning with their coffee. It would take a revamp of the feature, but could also possibly make the Buzz considerably more relevant than the current format allows.

8. Ten thoughts is a lot. That’s more than a thought a day. Screw this, I’m going on vacation!