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Letters to the Editor DirtyJoke

This week is quite brief as I lost a few with my previous account and its bootmails.

Nordy2 writes:
Hey do all freelance articles make it into the buzz?
- Yes

What about drawings or cartoon work?
- Yep! Haven't you ever seen some of RatFaceRay's comics?

Ya they are funny. Lol
- Yes they are! We look forward and really appreciate all submissions!

Nordy2 also asks:
The Buzz reported the lowest 2 car oc at 500k something. I was in a 2 car with like 270k. Is it wrong?
-Nope. The Buzz automatically presents the figures of all the OCs from the time after the last publication up until immediately as the next "Publish issue!" button is pressed. And a reminder, players do NOT have to BM anyone on the team! The same goes for the Obituaries, with a few minor differences.