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The Editorial DirtyJoke

I told my Co-Editor a couple weeks ago I'd like us to start and share a column like this in order to pass along the information that didn't fit into any article, the information we wanted to convey or thought necessary to explain to justify our reasonings behind our actions, inactions and words. This week I'm going to talk to every reader on a personal level to explain my situation and experiences leading me to represent myself and my work as I have here today.

I should warn you of the length I have taken to cover everything on my mind, but thank anyone who actually reads it!
Way too much text on a wednesday
4EverBlazin said

He is a buzz writer for a reason
Koenjoo said

I often dream of the Editor's job being easier. Not that I'm complaining at all, but it just has me in wonder. This feature exists because obviously it seems many players enjoy it. Therefore, I cannot understand why so often I must work to dig up any information to publish. It's not like anyone on this game is unfamiliar with the Buzz, what we do, what we require to do what we do. More often than not, an event will happen and no one will know anything; we won't know who shot, what their new name may be. Even more often that that, we won't know what happened or why, so when we do go to the finally discovered involved party and they tell us they're willing to cooperate with the Buzz, but we must ask them questions, it is unimaginably annoying to try to think of the questions to ask when you know nothing. Imagine I came up to you and told you I have this new, really amazing thing, but you have to ask questions to find out what it is. I'd like to remind everyone that every member of the Buzz Team appears in blue on the users online list for the sole purpose in aiding you to get your story told. I urge you, please, come to us and tell us about what happened! I swear on my life that I am a great secret keeper. I will not publish anything you may say to me and not want published. I will keep you anonymous if you so choose. And I will represent you and the information I receive in the highest possible regard. This is my standing promise to you.

Next, I'd like to touch on some comments that were noticed in the Event Horizon's RIP thread originally posted to the game forum until later getting "OTFed" as Tyn said due to quite an overwhelming distraction from the main topic:
Any of the shooters heard from the buzz yet? Or they too mad to make an artical about themselves being shot. Got some things ide like people to know
TayzDV said

Not one person on the team ever got mad, sad or upset. I personally was looking forward to dying and having more time to focus on the Buzz. As I mentioned above, you can't imagine how difficult it is to get the names of the shooters, and even then, since many have since been killed and usually go underground, it's nearly impossible to find anyone. As I'm growing quite passionate about this topic, I'll mention this again, it makes no sense at all to me that as a team of volunteers for a weekly news feature for this community we are therefore required to jump through hoops and talk to dozens of people who have since shown are usually in the know just to get the name(s) of the shooter(s). Our names are in blue. We are not going underground. Personally, my skype is on my profile. If you have something "youde" like people to know that you feel should be included in the "artical" we'll be writing (about our own deaths in this instance), please feel encouraged to take their advice:
Feel free to write a freelance.
AsapRocky said

[quote=Aerius]Feel free to contact one of the writers yourself.
TayzDV said

(And I'd like to add no further comment was made to the Buzz after messaging TayzDV)

And then this specific post really struck a nerve:
[quote=TayzDV] na just wanted to see if the buzz would be so quik to get an artical just like any other time

Clearly mad as hell [/quote]

did you notice the article on DVs wipe that was completed, but not on time didn't make next weeks issue either? They're not being slow, they're being selective
Pidgey said

The Buzz is not, nor will ever be selective. We never play favorites. We are just a very small group that tries our best to find time in between real life and playing the game as you do to write an entertaining or informational piece about what somebody did to somebody else and why.
As I mentioned in the first editorial getting to know me, I personally work over 100 hours every week. I've largely forgotten what kind of life I had previously. All my free time is devoted to the Buzz and I'm beginning to question more and more not only why, but what would be a more healthy way to manage my time. I need to work on not giving up sleep for this. Especially because not only will the Buzz continue to suffer from any inability to think clearly due to sleep deprivation, but so will my paying job and health.
The DV article I wrote was regrettably subpar because in attempting to ascertain any little bit of information, I had talked to well over two hundred people in those two days between the shooting and our publication . I had a grand total of four hours of sleep in those three days and a whopping total of over 50 hours in front of a screen typing on a keyboard. I was tired, confused, burnt out, and I just hit the wall. I only regret not getting DV's side to the story, and writing the article on DV last, after the other two articles I had written for that issue, and then even the rest of the Buzz. However, I am not ashamed as I am only human and I can say I did my best. Do my job or join the team if you want anything else more than I can do for everyone.

Wow, sorry for that long rant, bear with me though... I wanted to remind the (maaaaaybe) twenty of you still reading that this is a game and it does not take precedence over real life. I want to apologize to Caboose for not publishing a better Updates article. The one in the issue was my bare-bones first draft. I didn't communicate with my Co-Editor that it wasn't finished and I didn't anticipate falling asleep writing it. For the week before last I'd like to apologize to all of you for the delay. The reason being that my Co-Editor was busy after having been called in to work, and my exclusion from cell phone reception. I had gone to my cousin's wedding, and as it's common in Colorado's mountains, I had no service. I did not anticipate on getting WAAAAAY beyond too drunk to flirt with any girls, let alone drive home to simply publish the Buzz.

I may or may not have left out two weeks ago that I am a noob. Anyone that gets to know me can attest. I apologize for all future articles I screw up and all misinformed and ignorant things I say. I'm going back through Buzz issues of rounds ago and learning as much as I can as quickly as I can, but it seems I no longer have any free time.

I also forgot to mention that I have a terrible problem with bootmails. If I don't answer yours, I didn't see it. Please feel free to bug the crap out of me and send it as many as is necessary. Also, I hate the excuse "I'm on mobile." I know all phones are not the same, but I haven't been on any computer for over three weeks. If the Buzz Editor can publish an issue and write articles, you can be bothered to respond to a bootmail.

For those of you still reading, maybe all of one of you, I'd like to lastly say thank you for making the Buzz what it is. Thank you for your help, your suggestions, your feedback and your kind words!