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Ideas for the Future of the Buzz DirtyJoke

Again, I'd like to ask everyone that reads and enjoys the Buzz to help us improve upon it! We currently have a small team and a limited number of man hours to which we can devote to the Buzz. Some weeks, such as this one, we have more information regarding events that occurred than we have time to cover and some weekly articles and future ideas may be pushed back. However, in order to keep our minds focused on what we hope to provide and to get an idea of any interest in future presentations, we've assembled a very brief list of just some our hopes and ideas for future articles! Don't be discouraged, though, if you were hoping for more! We have a much longer list in our special, secret forum!

  • Recent Updates

      In this potential article we'll discuss what Moderators haven't mentioned, any extra bit of information or explanations pertaining to which as we can provide. We'll cover the feedback and reception of the community and discuss possible future improvements. As well, pending a discussion with the Elite Guard, we may provide to you a glimpse of their tentative hopes for improvement, the projects for future feature updates, and the issues they're well aware of that need tending to.

  • Predictions

      Any thoughts players may have of what the future holds, what may come from recent events, or what anyone would like to see happen. It has been my dream for months now to dream of a feasible way to add a fun wager aspect to the future as well. Such as with RR, how you can bet on who's dying next, but with crews, and strictly allowable to those with no part in the action when it eventually happens. However, that's probably as impossible as adding a rank promotion stats database feature and probably won't evolve into anything...

  • The Buzz Asks

      A weekly segment where we sit down with a player or poll the forums to gather an opinion or thought on a different matter every week. Without going into very much detail, its purpose is of much deeper, philosophical thoughts potentially sparking respectful, open forum debates and discussions.