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Caboose Critics DirtyJoke

So in the Game Forum this week I noticed a "BaC: Bootleggers Against Caboose" thread...

To clarify here, I'm not saying I love him, all of his work and everything he's ever said. I'm only discussing the people that make his job harder at all, or less exciting and fun.

I'm beyond fed up with hearing anyone say anything negative about Caboose. How pathetic does your life have to be in order to waste your time typing away at a keyboard to say anything that could be construed as negativity towards any other guy, especially that guy, and/or his actions/inactions that require his time which he donates to improve an internet game so that the meager 800 of us could benefit from and have a little more fun.

He's a nice guy, a great guy, and never has he once said anything that'd upset anyone before someone first frustrated him. He's human and has his faults, but you must realize you are and do as well.

If he's cheating as few of you believe, first off, so what?! Imagine he's helping TS, they now have all the money, gold, bullets, guns, ranks they could ever imagine. It becomes boring and meaningless at that point. Even if it didn't, imagine they find enjoyment in using those exploits to control you, kill you over and over, so what?! This is a game! Not one of us is here to play this game because we find enjoyment in clicking buttons all day, we're here for the people. I guarantee that 99% of us, TS, TF, DV, EH, TSE, and any crewless players play this game because we enjoy it. Why would anyone want to see our community shrink, to see this game die? Furthermore, before even considering whether he's helping anyone to cheat, helping any group or party, or cheating for personal reasons there could be, why in the fuck would he spend so much of his time making the improvements he does that benefit everyone, that improve the game for everyone, that make everything more enjoyable for everyone if he's only concerned with the interests of few?

He donates his time to this game to help us all. Your time is the most valuable gift you could ever give anyone or anything. He's spent well over a full month of his life coding to improve this site while a few sit back and nit pick, assume and accuse, criticize and harass to the point at which it becomes the exact opposite of fun for many more than the man himself. If he's here to help us, why bring any negativity to the table?! Haven't you heard you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you? This is not a republic, democracy, fascist regime or anything of that sort. This is a game on the internet. It amazes me he hasn't just said "fuck it" and banned Plutocracy, SmedleyButler, and a few others. He's being too nice to allow his haters to still play the site he works hard on so that even they can enjoy it more. And I'd like to say this in the nicest, most honest and least offensive way possible, but you guys can argue a dead horse back to life, which, through your persistence may win you many arguments or debates, but most of the "points" you try to make are beyond completely absurd to the point that you can occasionally kinda come off as incredibly retarded. There are many in the community, in fact, a large majority that feel and think the same way, and just in case no one has told you, I am now informing you that you would be much more respected in our community if you would just kindly shut the fuck up.

I even had my second dream about Bootleggers yesterday morning in and out of sleep at work while talking with Caboose, and in my dream he quit. I dare anyone on here to tell me that with as fragile as the game seems it is at this moment that if he were to leave, it wouldn't die. He gives everyone hope that this game with continue to improve and in time grow much larger with the prospect of even having more fun than ever before. He's the only thing keeping a lot of us here.

Therefore, I am starting a counter movement, a Bootleggers against Bootleggers against Caboose campaign. Let's all just be nice and bitch about something else...