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The Buzz Writer DirtyJoke

The Buzz is a game feature that's only new to a few of us. Many are obviously and undoubtedly very familiar with and well aware of its existence and purpose within the game. Many players have even participated and can consider themselves ex-writers or even an ex-editor. The Buzz has reported on many various events and presented many ideas for philosophical or entertainment purposes. After eight rounds it's been mentioned that it's difficult to imagine and create something that hasn't already covered seen or published. Although that may certainly be true, not only do most everybody have a tendency of forgetting, but I ask the question, "so what?"

The Buzz has had many editors over the years, many different rules and requirements for its writers and many different styles, standards and dreams of the finished product. Each editor has brought their own requests of their team with their own visions of what they believe the purpose of the Buzz to be and what the Buzz needs to achieve every week. Well, with the new team of Editors the Buzz currently has comes a new thought about everything.

Many of you are familiar with the general and common desire for each writer to submit at least one article every week. Many players have expressed an affection for the Buzz and a desire to write only hindered by the concern they don't have enough time to participate. Far too often I've found myself explaining that's no longer the case. Currently, as FlameS and I are in charge we have found ourselves with a glaringly desperate need for and lack of writers on the team and end up covering much singlehandedly. With more names populating the Buzz team than are articles posted it should be obvious that is no longer the standard. I feel I can speak for the both of us when I say we pride ourselves on our open minds, patience and willingness to forgive or ignore. All the writers and both editors are here for the same reason every one of our readers are: to enjoy a loved feature of the game. All we ask is for as much help as anyone is willing to provide in helping us to make this feature more enjoyable.

Not only do we understand that far too often real life has plans for us other than spending the time we wish we could writing for a game, but we ourselves are often afflicted with its change in plans. We cannot guarantee with our current situations in life we will have time to devote to the Buzz, and in turn, we cannot request that of our team. All we ask is for help in sharing our desires to provide everything we hope through sharing the workload every week. It is easy as we stand in times like now to lose hope that without a larger team of enthusiastic, energetic, eager and willing writers that the Buzz has a very positive future, if any future at all. If there ever comes a time the predicament of the Buzz does begin to seem so bleak, it would be heartbreaking to see anyone consider whether it's actually necessary.

In attempts to prevent even contemplating thinking about that any further, I call to all of you, in addition to my lame, clich├ęd attempts I've made so far, please, consider joining the Buzz Team! My only requirements when hiring a Buzz writer are that they be trustworthy to the highest capacity as we're frequently privileged to somewhat sensitive or secretive information, that they have enough of an understanding of English so that it may be understood by our readers, and that they bring to the table an eager and helpful attitude. It didn't matter if your grammar or spelling is far from the best, mine is, everyone's is as well at times, but this is a learning experience for everyone. FlameS and I are here specifically to help you. We do not require one article a week, though we'd greatly appreciate it. We ask you join to help gather the information of shootings, help take notes and offer ideas regarding discussed topics, and we want people to bring differing view points, ideas, thoughts and opinions to the table to provide a rich and throught provoking issues every week.

We have fun in our Buzz forum! You know how there's Uno in the OTF? Well we now have Scrabble, Monopoly, Hangman and Go Fish in our forum thanks to everyone's favorite administrator! That's a lie. We don't have any of that. Not even the option for Uno. However, it is still by far my favorite forum! We quickly become a tight group of friends and we really have a lot of fun working together every week to try to accomplish the impossible. As a Buzz writer, with your name in blue on the Users Online list, you meet many amazing players that have been here the whole decade you've played and yet never known to exist, you hear many inspiring, intriguing and entertaining stories and you make many friends. You meet and regularly communicate with the heads of all parties in the game and you're privy to very exciting and exclusive news far in advance to all your friends. Your words that challenge you at first to organize eventually spill out of you faster than you can type and you quickly begin to have a lot of fun doing it! It only asks maybe an hour of your time every week, if you're able to help, and that's before you get faster at it even! Admit it to yourself that with as much time as you, and everyone else on here plays, you won't even notice an hour went missing. You're a celebrity that is admired and respected by all men and fantasized and desired by all women; you are a superhero when you put on the blue coat.

Please, consider the Buzz!