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Corrections DirtyJoke

I must doubly apologize to Caboose and to a large majority of the Buzz's readers of last week. He spent hours with me testing the new updates he released on Saturday and explaining and answering every question that not only I could come up with, but those that were unintentionally and unknowingly asked on the forum. When the announcement was made the Buzz would be covering the new updates is when I had written that article. It was am outline of what he had told me before all that time we spent working on the proud release. Customarily, I procrastinated until Saturday night to finish writing the article and I had fallen asleep while writing it just moments before it was finished and ready to be submitted. I awoke to see I had left it unfinished and immediately submitted it, however, I was ten minutes too late as my Co-Editor had already published. Therefore all my work had been lost and not saved. I take full responsibility for not only getting it finished in time but losing it without having written it somewhere it would have saved. As well as it being my fault I didn't properly communicate that to my Co-Editor, I take full responsibility in not accounting for the possibility I would die a day later and lose the BMs in my inbox detailing the new features. I had hoped to rewrite the article and publish it this week, but at this point it would most likely be entirely paraphrasing and contain errors that nobody needs. Therefore I ask you forgive and realize Caboose is not as at fault with this release as I am. If he ever is willing to allow the Buzz to announce any future updates, everyone can rest assured they will be entirely all-inclusive and very detailed.

In the article Jesterous submitted detailing the car competition, I changed his article around a bit before publishing to reflect that possibility in the event it was actually a possibility. I figured it better to be safe than sorry and to allow the Buzz to hear only mere claims of our incorrect statements than the Buzz and/or Event Horizon hear accusations of upset reincarnated members after being killed. I apologize to all for the misinformation and any missed opportunities as a result of it.

Please let us know if we've messed anything up or forgot to announce any errors!