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The Death of TDVA DirtyJoke

The Buzz was very busy this week writing up a news page just when a special guest walked in to the office reporting he had a story to tell and quite agreeably it must definitely deserved, if not demanded, a spot in the Buzz. Bonzo, boss of The Vanguard came with news that The Death Vanguard Alliance, or TDVA was no more.

"I only wanted to tell our side of things and let people know we are no longer with DV," he began, "I was on holiday this weekend. When I came back on Monday I was in for quite the surprise as the shootings had just happened. I was unaware DV was siding with ETS, and I had know idea ALL my gold was being used!"

Bonzo continued, "we have no allies nor any enemies. We only have old school TV members around 20 of us still play and most of whom have met each other IRL, recruiting will be closed." The Buzz asked him to clarify what happened exactly in further detail before he had this to say, "The TV members of the DV council, StodE, scarcio and myself, were kept in the dark - even after we donated a huge amount of gold towards the shootings. They shot at EH, which made me look like a fool, as I had made peace with them. The planning and overall handling of this, we just could not accept; each of the councils of the crews would have handled the situation entirely differently. So we decided if we went on on our own, we would have no enemies. We aim to be a peaceful crew composed of friends mainly from rounds 2-4. We do not harbor any ill feelings towards DV, and in fact, and a lot of our members are still great friends!" He finished with, "it's unfortunate our councils couldn't work together, but all good things must come to an end, and it is time we went our separate ways."

The Buzz set out to find Death Valley, and so we jumped on the next train to California. Once we arrived, Pidgey, the interim leader met us for a quick statement.

The Buzz jumped right into it and asked a question a little unrelated to the two crews, but we were dying to know, to which he responded, "Well we knew we had Vin, a member of ETS, I'm In our crew. I believe he knew we knew. This was never discussed until we were shot though, and we had no idea about how much the other knew. That was confusing." He continued on, "Mr.Bunny revealed himself after the first TDVA wipe, there was no awkward confrontation at all, although we knew he was ETS before that point. His position at the time posed no threat to us and if anything we could watch him better. He was also a friend of many of us (including myself) before his times with ETS. The arrangement to work together came out of that moment really. Several crews who were currently at a low point needed to work together to level the playing field. It was less a case of allying with them, more cooperating for the same cause in all honesty. After the shooting was only partially successful TDVA split, and ETS went their own way."

We redirected the focus of the conversation back to the matter at hand, and as the two most popular leaders of the crew, DeaDRabbitS and DeathMoment having quit, or close to it as inactive as they've unfortunately become, what was next for DV? Well, "DV is going through a transformation right now, we're thinking over our options entirely but the decision isn't too clear. Besides, viewing ourselves as at war or peace doesn't necessarily mean our enemies will spare our accounts in the future."

And with that, the Buzz thanked him for his time and began the long journey to return home just in time to publish.