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Acronyms, Acronyms, Acronyms! DirtyJoke

TSE DA TI EH DV AB CD EF XZ just spell out the names completely, all getting too much, can't even keep up
4EverBlazin said

We've been wanting to do something regarding acronyms for a while now but we just haven't been to sure what it should look like. We'll give this format a try and go from there! Please leave any suggestions or feedback you can think of, and together we might just be able to make something worthwhile!

So within this article and list of acronyms are a few that I have chosen to bold. Any acronym in bold is as such because it has been used somewhere throughout this issue.

ABC - Anything But Clothes

HDO - Help Desk Operator
Mod - Moderator
Admin - Administrator
BSF - Great Question, anyone?

EG - Elite Guard
DI - Dutch Inc.
TR - The Reckoning
DR - Dutch Reckoning
DS - Dystopian Society
TP - The Prophecy (We also had The Politburo on the stats last week)
EH - Event Horizon
TS - The Syndicate
TSE - The Sacred Empire
ETS - Enemy of The State
DV - Death Valley
TV - The Vanguard
TDVA - (Previously) The Death Vanguard Alliance
NVH - (Previously) New Vegas Hustlers
TAM - (Previously) The American Mafia
TC - The Commission
CG - Criminal Grounds
TI - The Invisibles
TF - The

CF - Crew Forum
GF - Game Forum
OTF - Off Topic Forum
FTP - First To Post
FTE - First To Escrow
BP - Bust Party
RR - Russian Roulette

RT - Race Track
Rlt - Roulette
BJ - Blackjack, and one other awesome word
BF - Bullet Factory

OC - Organized Crime
WE - Weapons Expert
EE - Explosives Expert
Dr - Driver
LO - Look Out
EQE - Equipment Expert

BR - Booze Run
Nav - Navigator
Def - Defender

State Abbreviations
Cali/CA - California
Colo/CO - Colorado
Illi/IL - Illinois
Loui/LA - Louisiana
Michi/MI - Michigan
Nev/NV - Nevada
NJ - New Jersey
NY - New York
Penny/PA - Pennsylvania