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Bloody Monday, Part: One DirtyJoke

Shots rang out, bodies falling left and right, and sirens in the distance started getting louder and louder - it was time to go to work!

The Buzz had a story to tell this week and what a task it was presented, one of the two biggest shootings of this round! It was pandemonium on the streets as everyone was running around in chaos. It was overheard that a friend, hunger, was going by the new name of famished. Then, spotted in a crowd unusual to his normal gang of buddies was a person that has been friendly to the Buzz and shown to usually be a little more in the know, 7upr. When asked what was going on he simply added to the confusion by saying only that "hunger owes TS a lot of gold!" No more than sixteen minutes later, he fell to the ground as well. It may still be unclear specifically who all the targets of that day were, but it appears many high ranked officials and crew leaders were on the list as many accidentally fell due to backfire.

Moments after 7upr, and those in his circle appearing to be from The Politburo gang, walked off, his more common crew's boss appeared and had just a brief moment to talk to the Buzz in between giving strategically commanding orders for actions from those in Dutch Inc. in the frenzy. Dalton, under the alias of Sragheb at the time, was claiming to be victorious in their attack on New Vegas Hustlers. "Whispers from across the narrow sea" informed them there would soon to be an attack made against who he believed to be Event Horizon, "I am not 100% sure, of course, that our actions saved the lives of their members, but during the wipe on New Vegas Hustlers, an Event Horizon member got shot and killed. This leads me to believe it was them they had on search, and not us. Or perhaps they had us both on search but didn't want to act on Dutch Reckoning since most of our members were safehoused in various crews." A strategy that most definitely did not go unnoticed, especially later on as the day progressed. When the Buzz asked whether there were any rhyme or reason to where or why his members were sent out, he replied "they were just crews and gangs we sent message to with the request to house a few members of us in, not even in the layers but simply as members, to spook off the shooters." He refused comment when asked who he had asked to shoot down the crew in purple, but left us with parting words, "When we received information that New Vegas Hustlers were planning on attacking Dutch Reckoning, we started searches on them and luckily beat them to the punch."

On the way out the door of Dutch Reckoning's hangout the Buzz ran into headlessjoe, one of the two Respectable Dons in DR's arsenal, and stopped briefly to have a word. Possibly without knowing, when asked what was going on within Dutch Reckoning in response to the action, he replied, "For this you need to speak to dalton." A quite understandable response during what could only be imagined was a war, we went on to ask him why he shot down NVH, "Never proved it was me shooting, but I think DI, TP and EH may have all been targeted today." A quite curious and intriguing bit of information the Buzz wanted to discover, whether they had a spy on the other side or possibly a bug to listen in on conversations, we asked headlessjoe how DR became privy to that inside information and received nearly the same response as Dalton's, "A little sweet bird landed on my shoulder and whispered it in my ear." And with that the Buzz set off again, but again, not without words of parting, "I answered as much as I could. Hope you understand that I could not answer all the questions and other questions, I need to be careful."

Stepping out of the door and back on to the streets, Tyn, the well known, "half pissed" State Don of Pennsylvania, was seen frantically stumbling with the obvious appearance of too much to do with not enough time after maybe just one too many drinks. Blood was seen on his usual pristine suit, and you could tell he had already put in a long day's work. Luckily for the Buzz, he was a bit more open for questioning as we tagged along with him unsure of his destination. "After we heard a shooting was coming and that it was going to come from New Vegas Hustlers and some underground shooters, we quickly looked around and found nearly twenty-five suspicious people we decided to shoot, and myself and headlessjoe wiped NVH. I'm proud to say our info was right as hunger attempted to hit a couple members of EH before he died himself in backfire. As it seemed the danger for Tyn, DR and EH may have passed for the moment, we were off yet again to leave the obviously very busy State Don to his business, but we just had to ask one last thing, who tipped everyone off, and how was this information exposed? "It was not us that received the inside information, so I can't even lead you to the guy that found out."

A mystery, it seems, that will potentially forever remain as such. With that, the reporter returned back to the Buzz Office and began writing in hopes of figuring out some way to get the events to all make sense...