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The Buzz Talks Jesterite


Jester - Hello JackArmy! You've been (un)lucky in that you've been randomly selected an interview! If you want to be in it that is!

JackArmy - Yeah I could answer a few questions if needed bro. Don’t think I’ve ever done one before!

Jester - Then, there is a first time for everything, let's begin!

First off, why not introduce yourself? Where are you from? What do you do?

JackArmy - My name is Kevin, Im from Swansea in Wales UK, My last job was as a car salesman! haha But i have not worked in over a year due to a sickness i have, which has given me an excuse to play BL more!

Jester - I suppose every cloud has a silver lining then, I just hope that your sickness can go away! A car salesman? Was there anything you particularly liked, or disliked about that as a career?

JackArmy - Thanks, I will have it for the rest of my life now but it’s controlled now!!

And yeah I enjoyed the job. My favourite part was probably the commission haha, on days where you had a few sales i could take home a months pay. Worst thing i would have to say when I first started, My job would to be to clean every car on site!!

Jester - I hope it stays under control!

I've never been attracted to commission based jobs, I assume you have a knack as a salesman then?

JackArmy - I had a wage also. So it wasn't all bad, I wouldn't do a commission only job!
And its not as hard as it seems, With car sales the people that come to the site are normally coming to look to buy. Its not as if we are in the streets asking randoms if you know what i mean

Jester - Oh, that's not too bad then! I also suppose that it does depend on the size of the showroom you're selling at! So, you told us that you have more time for Bootleggers now, why don't you tell us a bit about your Bootleggers life? Such as how did you come up with the name "JackArmy"?

JackArmy - The name Jackarmy comes from the football team i support (Swansea City)! Our nickname is the "Swansea Jacks", and the fans are called the Jack army, Hence my name!

Jester - Ah, unfortunately we've hit a subject that I know barely anything about! So I think it would be best I avoid embarrassing myself be pretending to know anything! What about your Bootleggers life? Previous crews? Memorable moments?

JackArmy - I starting in J.A.I.L last round, then moved into Jailbreak Paradise but left there after Pat stepped down as boss, things was not the same after that. Since then I have just been a bit of a floater, just visiting crews. Started my own crew this round "The Naked Angels " Which i would hope to get back onto the stats soon !

My best achievement I would say is making S.Don last round, Made L.Don a few times before that which was annoying haha. It’s good when you turn silver though

Jester - Oh, lots then! Did you become S.Don as iJackArmy? If you did, that would explain why I recognise your name! What is it that keeps you playing Bootleggers?

JackArmy - I believe it was that name yes! It’s been a while! Tbh with you with all the bugs and shit that goes on here I am surprised that I am still playing, but I find it hard to not play and always come back! I guess a lot of people feel the same way but what do you do, that’s BL for you!

Jester - Mild case of Stockholm Syndrome? I know that feel, bro. I find the people I've met definitely keep me here! So, on a final note, this weeks random question is;
What is your perfect Sunday?

JackArmy - Perfect Sunday would be a lovely Sunday dinner in the morning, Bit of football in the afternoon(which the season starts this weekend), Then few beers or/and Js in the night...What else would you want to do!!


Jester - Hello HaeryisaFairy! If you have the free time, I'd like to interview you for The Buzz?

HaeryisaFairy - Sure thing! Why would you ask me though, really nothing interesting!

Jester - Firstly, would you be able to tell us a bit about yourself?

HaeryisaFairy - Well I'm Haer, been around on this game for a couple of years. 1 or 2 active rounds I think, the rest mostly inactive. I'm 25 years old and from Holland. Just graduated last year in Civil Engineering and I’m starting a new Masters in September in Environmental and Infrastructure Planning.

Jester - So lots to do with buildings. Is that what you want to get into when you finish university?

HaeryisaFairy - Definitely!

Jester - I hope that it works out for you! So, how did you come up with the name HaeryisaFairy?

HaeryisaFairy - It rhymes!

Jester - Simple enough reason! You touched briefly on Bootleggers earlier, so tell us about your Bootleggers life! Favourite moments? Any previous crews?

HaeryisaFairy - My bootleggers life isn’t really exciting anymore. I used to play in round 4 (I think) with a crew called Club Boogie. Those were my favorite times. Unfortunately nearly everyone quit and it just hasn’t been the same without them. For the rest I've started in The Order. I was still on high school back then, so over 7 years ago I think. Met a lot of great people and really enjoyed the game. For the rest I've been in countless crews. The ones I remember best are The Order, Black September, Most Wanted, Sempre Famiglia, PZ:Tribite, Chaos Soldiers and Apocalypse (I think it was called). But the list is way bigger.

I used to be occupied solely with buying bullets from the bullet factories, so that’s where most of my time went.

Jester - That's a lot of crews, and a lot of people! What is it that keeps you playing at present?

HaeryisaFairy - Uhm I do booze runs everyday, for the rest nothing. Just like to watch the forums and see what’s happening around, like which crews are winning etc.

Jester - Okay! Now for the weeks random question;
What is your perfect Sunday?

HaeryisaFairy - My favourite Sunday would be sleeping out from the night before, not hungover. Doing absolutely nothing all watch footie Sunday afternoon. Sunday evening is raidnight in WoW!


Jester - Hello Cyco, you've been randomly selected for an interview! Unlucky! Would you be okay to answer some questions for The Buzz?

cycoUG - Sure!

Jester - Awesome! Let's begin!
Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself? What do you do, all that! More details you feel comfortable sharing, the better!

cycoUG - I live in Moncton in Canada. I'm currently 33 years old dad of 2 + one to be in less that 1month.
My real life wife plays the game too, she's named ver0 currently.

I'm a simple guy who just spends time on BL to escape a work filled life. I work in the IT sector which allows me to spend lots of time online doing thousand of things at the same time. Oh yes I do loose track of it all sometimes.
I like a random troll, cause I am a random person. You never know what to expect of me.

Jester - I remember seeing Vero’s “preggy” bust competition, congratulations!
Are your other two children looking forward to having another sibling?

cycoUG - Our son knows what's ahead, we went through that before, so not overly existed about it.

For our daughter this is new, she's excited about it, wait her little brother starts crying in the middle of the night!

Jester - Ha, that might change her mind soon enough! Have you thought of a name for your newest addition yet?

cycoUG - He’ll be named Liam. I guess it’s like the end of William, we pronounce it in French though.

Jester - I hope that the birth goes smoothly! So, moving on from real life, now to Bootleggers life, how did you come up with the name CycoUG?

cycoUG - Actually I'm quite surprised you found me!
This is supposed to be my underground name, I guess I really failed on this one eh?
Cyco is shortened from Cycoslave which was my original name in 1994 (IRC & other activities)
Cycoslave comes from a blend of different music I listened to at the time slave comes from nine inch nail's happiness in slavery.
Cyco is a blend of prodigy's breathe (psycho) and suicidal tendencies' signer Mike "Cyco Miko" Muir.
IRC being the way we socialized back in my highschool days, the name Cyco stuck around, even IRL for some if not most of my friends!

Jester - Prodigy? I live within 20 miles (32.2KMs) from where they formed! What are your fondest memories on Bootleggers?

cycoUG - Some of the shootings Vero and I did with TS back in round 5 were pretty memorable. Guns, gangsters and gambling, what could possibly go wrong here?
I'm fairly a noob in the crew world
I've been crewless for the longest time ever until Vero got recruited as a TS shooter. Then we started to wander in search of our safe haven.
The Order denied our application.
Event Horizon did too.
So we joined The Black Death which was one of Coastie's old crew. After we got killed there we eventually ended up in Ombra di Lucifer. Which TS didn't like, they funded us to have our own crew. The Prophecy already been kinda recruiting on the underground scene, so we decided we'd hit the stats. Our reign started with shootings and ended with shootings
After that TP could not fund itself to shoot & support a stat crew so we stayed underground, mostly silent. So I joined a few crew which Vero was never part of. The 23rd Gunslingers, The Rise of the Footsolders, The Entreprise, to name a few.

Jester - That's more crews than I've been in! Which would you say has been your favourite, due to its members?

cycoUG - The current TP, of course!
But I made lots of friends in the ODL crew as well, and 23rd is like a 2nd home to me!

Jester - Haha, what is it that keeps you playing Bootleggers?

cycoUG - It’s a webgame that I can play when I want (always?!) and doesn't require too much effort to play. Just a minute here and there to crime, etc.
Doesn’t require a whole lot of continuous time, I can read stuff, listen video or whatever at the same time!

Jester - That's a fairly good reason! Now, as a final question, this weeks random question;
What is your perfect Sunday?

cycoUG - Get up late, code all day, then cuddle the wife!