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Bloody Monday, Part: 2 DirtyJoke

Part two of the story of Bloody Monday resumes with our lonely Buzz writer just wrapping up writing about the events that transpired earlier in the afternoon, just two hours earlier.

It was discovered that NVH had been planning on wiping EH and potentially DR and TP as well. It was unclear why NVH may have wanted to target the crews believed to be in association with or have an alliance with The Syndicate, whether the action had settled for the time being, and what the involved parties knew of and weren't letting on. Needless to say, many more questions than answers were riddled on the page freshly pulled from the typewriter.

It wasn't long after just having finished the story, while heading out to lunch, before he knew he'd be back at work as again the sounds of gunfire filled the cities across the country. Reports of many more killings all across the nation were heard on the radios and it seemed the events from earlier were not only the beginning of something much larger, but were substantially dwarfed by every additional high ranking player coming through the wire as another victim to be added to the list. It would later be revealed that in total, 188 people were killed or died in backfire on this bloody Monday.

While back on the streets looking for answers just moments after our was able to get a quick bite to eat, the previously described pandemonium and chaos were ill chosen words for that time as the events that were currently unfolding during this second wave of attacks transcended the buzz writer's ability to put into words.

In every state across the nation it seemed there was a highly coordinated group taking down known associates of many various groups and crews. It seemed primarily the targets were those known to be either members of, associates of, or friends and crew mates of those members and associates of The Syndicate. From Louisiana, where the state don Claartje was hit despised her awareness of the situation, to Illinois, where saeiko fell, it seemed endless the possibilities that were coming next. It was later discovered that TayZ, a believed to be member of Event Horizon, was traveling at record speed to take down the big guns. Known members of The Prophecy, Dutch Reckoning, Event Horizon, and even in a still unclear and unresolved confusion, The American Mafia were all targeted.

Not much could be dug up by the reporter as all of his usual contacts were either preoccupied, or dead. The Buzz official thought to return to the last known location of the powerful Tyn, but not only was everyone shocked to see he wasn't within his usual group, surrounded by those of the Event Horizon crew, but he was instead mixed in with Coastie, Yaz, TheArtist, Nordy and the rest of those representing the 23rd. A confusing move to many at first, later realized to have been a smart move, one that set the high profile example for a change soon thereafter. Without the ability to approach him, and without anyone else who seemed very knowledgeable of events along those still wandering the streets, despite the obvious danger, it seemed for now, the story may have to go undocumented.

Just before all hope was lost, however, later in the evening, after all the dust had settled, the Buzz was contacted by an old friend by the name of Toscy. Luckily for everyone, he was willing to fill in more of the gaps than most of the other mobsters seem to these days and had plenty of time to sit down and cover everything. It was unclear at first what involvement he would have as even though being a member of The Sacred Empire, a crew that was completely shot down just three weeks ago by known Syndicate members and associates, he had no known affiliation with NVH, no known reason to be knowledgeable of the targeted groups such as The Prophecy, but the confusion quickly concluded.

He began from the beginning, "Well, we all know about the big alliance that was going on from the start of the round, and we all know that The Syndicate and their associates brought down Death Valley and The Sacred Empire, amongst others. And clearly Event Horizon knew about this. After this 'backstab', we were somewhere lost. A lot of time and effort was swept away from under our feet. We had resources, not much, but enough to get us by, and so we start planning an attack. It had begun." His fantastic story telling abilities immediately enthralled the reporter, but he knew it meant a long night of scribbling notes ahead of him.

"Enemy of The State had a member hidden in DV, ETS knew that DV knew he was ETS. And after some they got together and talked about how they could help each other. Seeing that EH was a common enemy."

"I never thought I'd see it after last round, but now, there we were, ETS, DV and TSE planning an attack. We had the resources now, and a couple of shooters. Some had started on scratch from when the wipes occurred, and some started earlier and survived by being inconspicuously UG. But bare with me, there weren't very many shooters that TS didn't know about, so we were still short."

"We postponed the shooting many times. It was originally scheduled to go down on saturday, when EH was hosting their bust party. Unfortunately, though, we weren't ready. Not everything was set for a sure and safe wipe of EH, DI and TP. We postponed it a day, hoping that some of us could rank and then get our best guns ready. That still proved to be not quite enough. So, we agreed, Monday."

"We all started searching around an hour before the nightly backup. Everyone was excited and we were feeling great about the planned shootings."

"Most of us were at work, so we didn't really pay attention to Bootleggers, we were just on about with our day. Sometimes we spoke and discussed in our little Skype group."

"Suddenly, New Vegas Hustlers began getting shot. Seeing that ETS had a shooter in there, and the boss of NVH, also a DV-member, Hunger, was obviously in it. So now we were on the verge of losing two shooters. Two very important shooters. Which in any case is definitely not good. Not good at all. Seeing as the ETS shooter had big targets within TP to take care of, and Hunger had big and many targets in EH, we now had the opportunity presented to us to either change tactics, or call it off. There were many varying opinions in this, but after some convincing, we decided that to follow through with our plan as closely as we could despite the recent changes was the best option, especially with as much gold and cash that was already spent on searches. We knew we were still able to do a lot of damage, and we still had hopes on bringing DI, EH and TP down."

"It seemed things resumed normal activities and everything became relatively calm again. Then all of a sudden Stow, the boss of ETS, gets killed! Then again without warning, the third assigned shooter was taken off guard and killed. Boom, again, now four shooters down. That's when it became a freak-show. We knew we had a leak, or someone with a wire(virus on their computer, an unknown script, wild accusations, conspiracies, of course, as they haven't been proven, but still). Already after the dropping of NVH, we had a feeling, and I started to talk to people about the important things in private, instead of in a group conversation, in an attempt to minimize the damage of maybe having a leak."

"Now we're back to discussing what would be the best thing to do. Obviously, now, with no backup-shooters, we have no chance taking down all three, EH, DI and TP. So, we had to make the best out of the situation, again. We had enough resources and shooters left to take out Them (a gang short lived and unnoticed by the Buzz? Apologies), TP and DI, but we knew we couldn't get EH. We changed some searches, and used even more cash on redirecting searches and starting new ones."

"How the shooting went down, we all saw. TP got wiped, DI got hit and EH got hit. Never even touched Them (the gang). TP got hit first, by ETS and TayZ (DV). Then we moved over to DI, where we started off good, but then I screwed up. I was either too fast, or I wasn't paying enough attention with another thousand things on my mind that I had to follow. So I died, and with me, died the hope of dropping DI and Them. I had the upper layers on my search, and I had everyone in Them on search. We thought they already knew we were going to take them out, because Tyn didn't hesitate before he jumped crews. To make it harder for us, and it did, I had to use the best private investigator to get the crew structure over Them and 23rd as quickly as I could."

"So, all in all, I'd we did a good shooting. I even left early from work to change tactics. Never thought I'd do such a drastic thing, but it happened. Every single shooter played a huge role. Most of our shooters didn't have very much experience in shooting this round with the new system, and me included. We had not a clue. The two crewless shooters, numbers three and four, how TS knew about them is something that really noooooo-ooooooooo-ooooooo, and how NVH, with two shooters, got wiped just hours from their goal. Puzzling, to say the least!"

With that, he unexpectedly had to go as he was called away to handle other affairs, but one of his companions, one of the shooters and a mutual friend, JMurph left a comment on his participation on the events, " Toscy and I have been friends going back to 2007, maybe before, I've lost track. He voiced his concerns on my well being as a member of EH and how a lot of of the things the council was doing was incredibly sketchy and I agreed with his point of view. Tynos single handedly wiped Haze Blazers, and I can't understand why. I confronted Tynos shortly after the crew wipes 3 weeks ago asking why lower level members were not filled in on what was going on or why he wiped HB, and his response was just that he was "too busy." At that moment, I knew I was tired of the politics and wanted to do something about it.As far as I can tell, the shootings were organized by Kauffman and Toscy. I took all of my direction from Toscy directly and was given a list and provided gold to upgrade my gun and to purchase as many bullets as I needed. Who actually came up with the idea I have no idea. But it was completely funded by TSE and DV."

That was all he could get in before he too had to follow Toscy and tend to other matters.

Screaming in the streets moments before the far from unexpected demise brought on from Tyn within the new 23rd group, TayZ reported he had words for the Buzz. Despite refusing to answer any questions, had a brief comment he wanted included, "I hate EH. I took out as many high ranks as possible. Hunger had the rest on search, you lucky eh shot him because we was hours away from wiping you all!"

It was later discovered those believed to be the shooters of the crews behind the attacks are known as JMurph, 4knee, Luda, Valknut, and possibly flyinhigh as well.

With that, after one particularly VERY long night, the Buzz journalist went back to work on his typewriter, eager to wrap this day up. Still, many questions remained, with quite a bit of drama that came from it, and the crew relations were tested, it excited the writer to think of what will come from all of this in the future.