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Al-ask-a to be mine! Jesterite

“The actions of a member reflect on those of the whole crew”, and “A members actions reflect upon the crew”. The same opinion, but from different sides of the barrel. The former being spoken by Sragheb, the latter Tyzzan, bosses of Dutch Reckoning (DR) and Dystopian Society (DS) respectively.

According to Tyzzan, DS were shot because one of their members, ThornHill, “had struck up a deep hate for SuperSilverHaze,” a member of DR, “shot him, then shot him again on his new account.”

“Why?” The Buzz hears you say, well, we’re glad you asked! “They were both competing for the affections of a 45 year old lady from Alaska”, Tyzzan told The Buzz.

All Sragheb had to say was, “Thornhill killed a member of us, we took revenge for that.” So The Buzz turned their attention to Tyzzan, “in this case a member of Dystopian Society thought he was appearing in a 'Hollywood Blockbuster' as a covert assassin that must kill his target without authorisation from the President.” A clear statement, ThornHill acted alone, and by doing so, brought down DS alongside him, all for one, and one falls all.

Thankfully, Tyzzan was able to provide The Buzz with the details of his, and his crew's, demise. “Obviously, Dutch Reckoning was not pleased with the shooting. As such, The Syndicate decided to delegate The Prophecy with the task of shooting Dystopian Society.” Unfortunately, Saeiko, then a State Don, declined to comment on the shooting.
Although not surprised by the reasoning behind his crew being wiped, Tyzzan was surprised by “the identity of both the crew that authorised the shooting, and the crew that carried out the shooting.” Clearly, he was expecting retribution from DR themselves, but either way, he and his fellow Society members were left dying due to the failing trust of one they had called friend.

“The moral of the story is: trust is a fickle mistress she must be handled delicately, passionately but still kept on a leash because she is impossible to control.” As Tyzzan wisely states. Unfortunately, only hindsight is 20:20.