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Enemy out of the Shadows! DirtyJoke

As the Buzz ran out of time, I'd like to present you with a story about Enemy of The State, as told by a member who graciously contacted the Buzz to fill in any gaps. Expressed permission was given to use it all, however, I still apologize as is simply the bare bones interview, for any grammar or spelling I may have missed, or if any information was sensitive and preferred to have been excluded and not exposed. We begin....

I'm Vin. You may know as TheWildBunny, WildBunny & MrBunny. Stow asked me to answer any questions you had about ETS, how we ended up working with DV etc. I was told you might be looking for info on recent events, so it might be nice if you had our perspective as well.

Where to start?! ETS is a collection of players who came from a variety of crews, we decided to work together to try to gain notoriety on Bootleggers. It was founded by Stow with a few friends last round, and gained momentum from there. In case you may have missed last round, ETS worked with Asura, Most Wanted and The Family to dominate the round. ETS became abhorred by the majority due to some of our members', shall we say, less than modest, forum (mis)conduct. I personally consider bragging unsportsmanlike, but it is quite amusing to witness sometimes.

This round, the plan for ETS was to make as much gold as possible. This basically involved all of our members, roughly 30 in total, working together to smuggle booze and convert the proceeds into gold. From our point of view, we could see that the sturdy alliance of large stats crews with a focus on destroying the underground crew alliance that dominated previously, so it seemed obvious that the place to be was inside the crews that were looking for us. Here we could hide with less risk. The DV/TSE/EH/TS alliance was somewhat imposing, and they shared a mutual interest in preventing us and our allies form achieving what we did last round.

When that alliance split up, in a strange twist, we ended up work with DV and TSE to attempt to prevent another one sided domination of the round, which resulted in the attempted wipe of EH/DI/The Prophecy and The Politburo on Monday.

I suppose that's a brief summary of where we're at now.

So, our members had spread themselves around in various crews on the statistics page. What we were waiting for was the alliance to break down in some way, this would weaken those trying to keep us down and allow us to gain some power. When this finally happened, TS and EH turned on their former allies, TSE and DV.

As it happens, I had chosen to adopt the moniker TheWildBunny & hide myself in DV, and I thought I was doing a good job at first. But several things made me suspicious that they knew I was more than I had first disclosed. This made me curious as to why, if they thought I was an insider, they were keeping me around. So I played along. Essentially, DV knew I was ETS, I knew DV knew I was ETS, but DV did not know that I knew they knew I was ETS.

Anyway, we found out why they were keeping me around when Bash, aka DeathMoment, messaged me immediately after DV were wiped. He told me he had indeed known who I was all along, and that he had a secret method that allowed him to track who was where in ETS (and supported this statement with a list of names he had collected). He said they had been suspecting for a long time that TS & EH would turn on DV, and they wanted to keep me around for the simple reason that, when TS turned on them, the goals of ETS and DV would be aligned in the same direction. We both wanted to prevent TS and EH dominating the round, and the best way to achieve this would be to work together.

It was a shaky truce at first, with a lot of distrust on both sides. However, having worked together we notice our values are very similar. It's difficult to say how far our entente will continue. Having started the round geared up to shoot at each other, it seems counterintuitive to suddenly spin around and stand back to back with those we had been aiming our guns at before.

With regards to that last shooting, ETS took on the task of killing the two state dons in The Prophecy (as well as the rest of the crew). The Politburo seemed sort of 'Syndicatey', so we targeted them too. We hit a couple of snags- one of our shooters was killed just as his detectives had finished searching, which was more than a little frustrating, and required a quick reshuffle to continue. We were unfortunately impeded by backfire too, and so unable to finish off the job. Important targets hit, but a disappointing climax. This mirrored, to a lesser extent, the same difficulties that were being encountered over at the Event Horizon and Dutch Inc. clubhouses by our wartime allies.

We still have members in crews, spread around and keeping out of harms way. Some members were indeed caught in the crossfire. But we decided, with each of their consent on an individual basis of course, it was worth the small sacrifice to stay hidden.

Plans for the future; clearly our biggest threat is The Syndicate, and by extension the crews they use to stay at the top, so we shall be working against them. That's not a tete a tete that will be won in a short battle, and whoever comes out on top will need to maintain their stance, which is a matter of then controlling the games resources. It seems we have our work cut out facing those with the first notoriously rich single account.
We still have members in crews, spread around and keeping out of harms way. Some members were indeed caught in the crossfire. But we decided, with each of their consent on an individual basis of course, it was worth the small sacrifice to stay hidden.

Stow, boss of ETS, also contacted the Buzz and also graciously shared much of the Dane information. The only thing to the story he added was this, "Our initial plan was to let TS betray the alliance, we knew they would, they wouldn't work well with the others. We were going to let them fight it out, then we would join in. When DV approached us, we had a talk and put differences aside to come work together to take out a common enemy. Our common enemy: Event Horizon. We didn’t really have an issue with The Syndicate, or their puppet, Dutch Inc., but we see them as allies of EH."

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."