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Fuckle's Thoughts Fuckle

1. As much as we've all enjoyed laughing at Tyns misfortune, showing the crew colour on the kill page seems like it would be a good update, considering how much impact that has on any kill attempt.

2. Some people on this game make for really terrible activists. Whether or not you have legitimate concerns, petty name calling and personal insults does nothing but put the other side squarely in the right for that argument, and you've beaten yourself more thoroughly than they ever could have. If you have an issue, and there has been just cause for several over the course of this reset, stick to the point and maybe you won't end up hurting your own cause.

3. That said, things have calmed down the last while. Certain moderators seem to have settled into their positions and are not being condescending dicks about things. Either that or they're still condescending dicks but now in private, which is cause for concern but will become apparent in time, if that's the case.

4. The gold price is still riding high, even though the game has been relatively calm. I think the banking max has a huge effect on this as well. There's no point in sitting on large piles of cash, so there's more big buyers than there are big sellers. The longer it goes on the more it seems this could be the new state of the economy on BL.

5. Is there any skill to gambling, the most sure fire way to get rich quick for those who can do it? I've talked to several gamblers over the years who say it's all luck, but it seems to be the same people winning huge every reset, so even if it is luck there has to be some sort of feel or pattern to the casinos, for those who are familiar enough with it.

6. I think I’ll have to change this from 10 thoughts. I’m not a huge fan of the politics overall and don’t have much interest in getting into that in this column. That leaves not a whole lot on the game that I can try to give a worthwhile thought on. I’ll think quality over quantity, and cut it off here. If you have any ideas for something I could touch on, or input of your own, feel free to send me a BM. I might even reply.