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Corrupt Caboose FreeIsrael

Ever since Caboose was accepted into the ranks of the Elite Guard, countless questions have been raised regarding his impartiality toward The Syndicate and its related entities.

When asked about these allegations, Caboose was forthcoming about having a faint bias.

“The only time I've stepped across the lines of my job were forum-related,” Caboose explained, “in terms of being...overzealous when dealing with certain players' nonsense … Within Bootleggers, that's all that I am guilty of. I haven't done anything that, for example, I couldn't provide a satisfactory explanation for BSF or Mika.”

However, several accusers from the alliance between Enemy of the State, The Sacred Empire, Death Valley, and The Vanguard have insisted that Caboose is feeding pertinent game information to members of The Syndicate including Private Investigator searches and underground identities.

“No, I haven't shared any information with TS (or anyone else) that isn't privy to the general public,” said Caboose.

The recent untimely shooting of the New Vegas Hustlers just before they were about to begin shooting at Event Horizon was one particular controversy that aroused suspicions regarding Caboose’s impartiality.

According to Toscy, “There was 2 shooters also who died before the shootings that weren't in NVH; 4 shooters were lost before it even started.”

Caboose insisted that he was not allowed to elaborate on the details behind what happened in that particular situation because “it involves knowledge of things that I can't share with players, any players ... two people know what I know, myself and (VooDooDoll), and she can’t tell you either.”

However, he did comment briefly. “The truth is far more hilarious than the fiction in that case … They weren’t leaked by us (Elite Guard) … For starters, in every situation where I supposedly told them they were being searched, I was asleep at the time.”

"I still think Caboose helps him (Moxie aka. FreePalestine), I just don’t think he does it completely," speculated Stow, boss of Enemy of the State.

According to Stow, Moxie hinted to him that the leaked information had more to do with the loose lips of someone inside of his own alliance rather than an Elite Guard member.

"He is right about that," Stow declared. "I think people speak too freely about things."

While a wide range of accusations have been thrown around by multiple parties regarding Elite Guard involvement in Hunger’s untimely death just before the bloodbath he and his collaborators had planned, the pertinent information regarding Hunger’s intent to kill was actually leaked by a source close to he and his crew, the New Vegas Hustlers.

"Well, I think its been established a long time ago that we have a leak," Toscy agreed.

"As far as leaks are concerned, it’s gotta be the other side (because) none of my guys knew about NVH," Stow explained. "I assumed, but even I didn’t know."

When asked about the matter, Caboose also revealed that the Elite Guard does not actually monitor active searches.

Caboose elaborated on two hypothetical scenarios in which bias may have come into play during his time as a moderator.

“Let me give you an example: you're a student in school; you are constantly giving the teacher a hard time, acting out in class, cutting class, etc. Finals come around; the last answer on your test is one that could go either way, and if you don't get it right you'll fail the test. In this situation, the teacher probably does not give you a passing mark. Now pretend you're a student who is respectful, helps out his classmates, does his homework, etc. (faced with the) same situation on finals; think he passes the test?” he added.

“I’ll give you another example in the game. There is a boss of a group of players who has been very rude to myself and some of my friends. When this person has a legitimate issue, I still react to it in a professional manner and accommodate it within reason; whereas if it was someone I had never interacted with, who approached me/us politely, I might go out of my way to accommodate (he or she) better/faster/what have you, all within reason. And the third side of that coin, if I get a ticket that says something like, ‘Fix this shit that you fucked up,’ you would forgive me for not dropping everything I'm doing to assist.”

Contrary to the allegations at hand, Caboose arguably did demonstrate impartiality toward The Syndicate as the only moderator online at the time that Moxie was permanently banned Wednesday evening.

While Caboose refused to comment on the matter, his frozen casino speaks to the permanence of his ban. According to the recently updated Terms of Service, "If a user is perm banned, their casino/bullet factory will be frozen."