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Defects and developments FreeIsrael


1. Poker Predicaments

As Nordy2 put it, Poker is “another abandoned feature that many people don’t play just because the functionality is clunky and slow.”

2. Faulty Forms

Ecivel pointed out that crew application forms are still not working properly. If you use a single or double quotation mark in any of the queries, a blank application will reportedly show up for the crew boss and recruiters rather than what was actually typed.

3. Disinterested Directorship

Since the beginning of time, complaints have been thrown around left and right regarding our fearless leader BSF2000’s passive approach to addressing issues. Despite his red hue at the top of the list of online players, BSF2000 is arguably the most difficult member of the site to reach.

When asked to elaborate on the game’s leadership, Aqorz aka. 7upr described BSF2000 as a “very annoying person if you ask me … especially that you cant get in touch with him when needed like tonight (Saturday, Aug. 23).”


1. Noobie Nourishments

According to CharlieScene aka. ShyGuy, former editor of the Bootleggers Buzz, the game could benefit from having additional structure and guidance for new players.

“I believe the current introduction of Bootleggers is not good enough to learn new players the game. Also, a lot of features (like the Booze OC) are not explained in the FAQ, which means a new player is clueless how to join/organize one,” ShyGuy said.

2. Work Well-paid

PearlescentV pointed out that the compensation for completing missions is insufficient relative to the overall amount of money and bullets in the game.

“As the game progresses the mission payouts become of less value so them being increased to match the total game money would help new players out and players that die.. Gives them a reason to do the missions again,” said PearlescentV.

3. Developer Distinction

The late KingKlere argued that a distinction should be made between Moderators and Developers as a means of guaranteeing impartiality in the midst of new features being launched.

“Developers shouldn’t be given bansticks,” KlereTheEmperor said. “Some people are better at developing, some are better at moderating. Each to his own speciality, right? A moderator shouldn't be too sensitive and a developer shouldn't leave some backdoors open.”

Caboose echoed the sentiment. “I’d rather not mod … just (develop), but it is what it is.”