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knock knock
who's there?
nottha who?
nottha buzz it hasn't been seen all day

I need the buzz to keep my work day going. Please sir when shall there me more?[quote]

I'm sorry everyone! I've been actually busy at work this week and unable to look find the time to think, let alone look at my look at my phone! That's my excuse for my tardiness publishing, and even more, for the brevity of this week's issue. I apologize as well as my personal favorite article, the forum quotes of the week couldn't be included as no one submitted any this week and I was unable to troll the forums. I have not the slightest idea what my next week looks like, but I hope I'm able to provide you all with a larger issue!

It was a blessing to add two more writers to the team and with both of them comes a better prospect for a bigger issue next week. However, as always, I'm still looking for more people to help out! I know if you choose to join you will have much more fun than just playing the game criming along! Ask anyone on the team, or ask me anything! I'd love to talk to you about joining!

Thank you all for reading!