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Daring Developer Aqorz

I can't believe people are so obsessed with our newest moderator. After each killing the moderator topic(s) open up with accusations towards Caboose being crooked, corrupt, dirty, etc. I genuinly hope there's going to be another developer very soon and that indeed Caboose steps down from his position as developer/moderator. Bootleggers itself, and the community does not deserve him simply for the fact that he cares too much about this game.

Since this kid was promoted to developer, I've watched the forum(s) and updates closely; All his time he's spent so far as a Developer has been filled updating new features, fixing bugs, and creating community games where we can all win a fair share of some goodies. All that this rotten community does with that is bashing this person into the ground and it seems to be getting worse day by day. Every one of those that bicker should genuinly be ashamed of themselves. The only person who is trying to save this game day in and day out is Caboose. It isn't BSF2000, and it certainly isn't Sky, who, we haven't seen for 100+ days without as much as a simple notice.

Again, Caboose, do yourself a favor and let this god forsaken, rotten, dying game for what it is. Enjoy yourself, you've already done too much. Let someone else try to fill your shoes and step up and try to save this game. Let someone else subject themselves to the appreciation one obviously gets.

As usual, I guarantee that new person will be accused of cheating again. Butthurt players within this community will always try to find excuses why they have been killed and dominated. Afterall, the easiest way to solve this is blame other people instead of working harder on their own. This new person will also have a past of being part of certain crew(s). Of course, after two weeks, that crew (or crews) will be accused of getting boosted, or receiving additional extra(s) from the developer. That's exactly what the community is trying to create and believe.

Last but not least I like to state that Caboose has never helped me in the least, and I thank him for the effort and hard work he puts in every day.