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[FREELANCE] Insights from a Newbie Shogun

Insights from a newbie

just celibrated my first month on BL with a huge cake and balloons!! Reaching 40 this year and with many years of online gaming
under my belt i thought i would give BL a try. I looks great at first sight if you compare it to other online mobgames, fast
interaction and no annoying codes to fill in to proceed.

Having played several mobgames on a serious level, the gameplay of BL comes kinda naturel. Which didnt withhold me from asking
stupid questions to the people i encountered and i communicated with. Yes, there is a manual for the game, but there is a lot
of info just missing. Luckily some people made some additional manuals but still for the player that wants to understand the
game fully, that wants to know every ins and outs, wants to understand the formulas behind the action, the search isnt that easy.
I will admit i might be a little more curious then the average player, but still, it should be available.

When i was getting the hang of doing crime, booze, stealing cars, OCs i was looking to the future and that included belonging to a nice crew. Boy was i in for a surprise!! While its kinda normal in other games the crews are happy to see new people, do their best in the forums why you as a player should choose them, what benefits they offer you, etc. Here they will throw application forms at you,
i have seen simple ones with just a few questions till booklengths. They want to know everything about you, every single detail, including
pages where your IP is noted on (well i dont do that for security reason of course), but it just shows how crazy it is here. A NEW player??
Sure!! You're NOT!! My previos names?? Well, thats kind of an issue when you are a new player like me, i dont have any... Do you want me
to make some names up?? If it happens once, you could argue that this person has issues, but i found many crews having problems understanding
the whole concept of people actually being new to this game. For those people i will share my darkest secret: i am a newbie.. Sorry to burst
your bubble.

This disbelieve towards newbies i see as unhealthy. A game can only exist if you have an steady stream of new fresh people replacing the people
that leave because of work, personal affairs or whatever. To me it shows there are huge trust issues, which itself isnt that strange,
since after all its a mobgame ;-) Dressed in a BadJoke costume i went out and talk to people to gather more info on why people have became
like this. They say there has been a lot of betrayals by Undergound people, well that happens in most mobgames, so thats not really an unique argument.
There have been roque elements that just go off on friendly crews for no apperent reason, there is always a reason, you might not agree with it, but for
the person that uses the reason its enough. Again not unique.

During the conversations with people the whole balance thing comes on the table as well. Balance or better the lack of balance. The objects in
this game are held by one main group, they dominate everything. The most important objects in a mobgame the BFs, but also most of the casino's.
I had many conversations about that situation, with people that have issues with that and people that are fine with it. As a newbie the
lack of balance i see as unhealthy and i will explain why. A good game must have certain elements in it to make it a good game. But i agree that
what those elements are, different pro person. For me there needs to be a competition, working hard to get things done,, "ranken als een malle"was
a term we used in other games to explain the dedication. I agree with the comments of some, that if people want to change that balance
you have to work for it, but my argument would be that you do need some tools to do so. Since the only source of bullets are the BFs, the total lack
of balance kills the potential this game has. Caboose should add other ways of getting bullets in my view, by market, by crushing cars into bullets, things
of that nature to counter that balance. Because lets be honest, what are we waiting for this round?? Any group that can disrupt that balance? I was
actally surprised how many already speak about next round, like this round is a run race. Maybe thats normal here?? Fewe weeks of some struggle and when
the smoke clears, so does any hope of any entertainment.

I would also like to talk a bit about the killing element of the game. I see high level players brought down by low levels. To me that smells fishy.
How can for example a Thug bring down a Godfather and live?? That should raise some questions to say the least. Put in some restrictions, for example
you can kill 2 ranks below you and 2 ranks above you. I am trying to learn more about the concept of backfire, but what i see so far i have trouble
understanding why it even has the name backfire. The first person that went on a killingspree after it was introducd(sorry i forgot your name) killed
i think about 14 in 1 go and kept on smiling the whole way. I can respect the action, because it takes effort and planning, but it makes me scratch
my head in regards to the backfire element. REAL backfire would make wars much more entertaining and it would require so much more planing and interaction
within the crews and that i see as additional fun as well. But maybe thats just me.

I hope that some of my insights will make sense to the veterans of this game. Maybe it helps learning about how a newbie sees things??
I invite people that agree or disagree about those insights to explain their views. It would already make me happy if you understand the concept
that new people arrive to play this game :-)