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[FREELANCE] Casino Owners Bank While Players Gamble Nordy2

Bankers. They're now a bigger problem than ever. With players' wealth mixed in with the federal bank wealth, it makes it very hard for a gambler to know how much they could potentially win on a casino. This causes a lot of people to overbet, and has become a real issue.

Imagine this scenario:
I buy a Blackjack table and my wealth status says I'm Excessively Rich. I put all my money in the federal bank except $100,000. I then set my max bet on the BJ table to $999,999,999,999 and wait.

Some chump (let's say... Perth, for example,) comes along and bets $10,000,000 to try and win all my money.
You had 23. You busted and lost $10,000,000.

Ohhhhh you busted? Bummer dude!
I quickly bank his $10,000,000.

He is upset, but he knows he can still win his money back since the table is unlimited. This time, he best $20,000,000.
You had 20 and the dealer had 21. You lost $20,000,000.

Tough luck man! Maybe try one more time?
I bank his money again.

Perth agrees to give it one more shot. This time he sells some gold and he bets $40,000,000 in hopes to win it all.
You had 19 and the dealer had 14. You won $80,000,000.

He wins! Hooray! But then he looks at his cash....
Cash: $40,100,000.

Damn it.

Having lost all his money, Perth then goes to the game forum to start complaining about the casino owner.

As you can see by this scenario, the real problem here is not the bankers or the wealth system, the problem is that the gambler is spamming our precious forums. The game forum sees 10, maybe 15, posts a day, and we cannot have those forums being spammed with a topic like this. The game forum has always been, and will always be a precious place for players to complain about game features and the staff. We should not be using it to berate each other and complain about bankers.

I am calling everyone to take a stand. Bootleggers against sore losers.

Also, the dealer held on a 14? Can we please change the hit/stand button colors again?