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[COLUMN] Politics and Precautionary Measures Inky

If you look in a dictionary, ‘Dutch Courage’ refers to getting drunk in order to gain confidence when doing something that requires an act of bravery. Dutch Inc however, refers to an ancient crew that prefers to keep the murder on the down-lo and the mayhem to a minimum. Oh, they also like lions. Fresh new Buzz writer Inky reporting in and pinned SonnyWhite, Dutch Inc. crewboss, down and subjected him to a little interrogation for the Buzz audience.

Inky: Why The Vanguard? Was it general hostility or a show of strength?
SonnyWhite: ''Well, shooting TV wasn't more than taking precautionary measures''

From this it was gleaned that the person tasked with reporting to Dutch Inc failed to do so. As the crew was silent and “getting stronger every day,” Dutch Inc. decided to take matters into their own hands and voted to take The Vanguard out. Their victims, The Vanguard, were rational in their response to the wipe. After speaking to Achamon about the reason for the wipe, the crew boss agreed and added philosophically: “I actually think what Dutch Inc. did is very smart in their current position…when you're currently at a very good position, as Dutch Inc. is in this example, you have to do everything to maintain that position. That is one of the things we failed doing when we had a family spot; act before action is taking against you. Dutch Inc. is not making that mistake and in my opinion made a good call trying to wipe out possible threats.”

Whilst SonnyWhite was frank in his interview, he was cagey about the number of bullets used and if gold was converted to create more bullets and/or heal his shooters. “We like to keep those things for you guys to find out...” SonnyWhite stated, causing a shiver down this interviewer’s back with its somewhat menacing tone, “Some might say this round has been played, and that Dutch Inc. - among other crews who are a part of The Alliance - won. So no, it's not really important (anymore) for us to press our strength at this stage in the round.” When I inquired about who Dutch Inc. keeps their eye on, for precautionary measures, the Boss’s reply was a contemplative one: “we keep an eye out for any form of threats.”

Dutch Inc. should be commended for their candidness and thanks to their crew boss, SonnyWhite, for discussing this. As their recruitment blurb states, joining Dutch Reckoning (a name that comes from a proud merger with The Reckoning, “We are proud to call them our allies under the same roof,” SonnyWhite added positively in a follow up Q&A) means you'll need to be prepared to play Bootleggers as intended.

As the list of players dwindles, what each crew has left is a happy core of active, committed players and Dutch Inc. and The Vanguard are testament to that. Achamon was detailed in his response to the interviewer asking about his core of players, "we are playing the game as we want with the members we want. We're currently at low member base of around 15 to 20 members, but they are all 'old school' TV members and trusted friends. We can play the game as we like; having fun with each other in the crew, whore around in the game and see what comes on our path!"

Nevertheless, Dutch Inc. is watching and waiting, ranking and shooting, folks. Let’s hope the axe falls far from home.