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[NEWS] Community Challenges CDR

As many of you will have noticed, the Elite Guard has introduced the Community Challenges to the game, where the Elite Guard set out a challenge, and upon completion, all those players who reached the target, get rewarded with a prize. Players logged in to find a blue progress bar at the top of their screens. Alongside each challenge, if the Bootleggers Facebook post received 100 'Likes' the reward would be doubled.

The first challenge set out by the Elite Guard was to Smuggle 10,000 crates of beer to Louisiana. The second community challenge was the anniversary celebration, where you had to smuggle 20,000 crates of Whiskey to California. The third and latest Community Challenge to be introduced to the community was to Bust PrettyBoyFloyd. This prisoner was booked for murder in the Michigan state jail. Security has been heightened to make sure he does not escape so it is going to take a community effort to bust him out. Everyone who attempts to bust him out at least 25 times will be rewarded if he is successfully busted out. This challenge ran for 48 hours, and required the community to work together and attempt to bust PrettyBoyFloyd 10,000 times. Players who had attempted to bust a minimum of 25 times received $150,000, rank experience and one day of half timers for Crimes, Auto Burglary, Gymnasium and Jail Busting.

Speaking with Head Moderator, Mika, he said the effect these Community Challenges has had on their Facebook page have seen the number of 'Likes' skyrocket since the start of the challenges. The Buzz caught up with Mika to discuss these Community Challenges.

The Buzz: So, the Community Challenges. Whose idea was it and what was the reason for the challenges?
Mika: The original idea to start doing community challenges came from me, I proposed it during an Elite Guard meeting. Caboose held the first one some time ago and BSF2000 coded the current community challenge pages and hosted the last several challenges. We are hosting the challenges to entertain the players and to give them a reason to work together with others towards a common goal. While Bootleggers can be a competitive game, we feel that its community has always been one of its strongest points. These community challenges celebrate that.

The Buzz: Do you foresee this becoming a regular thing for the community?
Mika: I hope that they will be. These last three challenges gave us some idea of what we can do, amount wise, and more challenges will follow for sure.

The Buzz: I know you mentioned in a previous conversation we had, you said the Facebook page has skyrocketed, can we ask how many additional likes the page has had, and have you see a growth in players signing up to the game?
Mika: Last week we boosted the post of the latest community challenge, this earned the page over 1,400 likes over the past week.

The Buzz: That's quite impressive. Reading the Game Forum, there have been several players who have mentioned getting additional prizes, so if a player got 25 busts, for example, they would qualify for the prize, however, those players who do 4 or 5 times more than everyone else are doing more work but still getting the same prize. Are you able to tell the readers if this is something which is being reviewed with the Elite Guard?
Mika: We have read those posts too, and it is being considered.

The Buzz: Have you had any good ideas submitted to the Elite Guard for future challenges? Is there anything you can tell the readers to look forward to in up and coming challenges?
Mika: There are several challenges that are still an option. For example: rob a certain bank X amount of times or steal X amount of car type Y. And of course challenge goals can be used again as well.

The Buzz: Do you have the next challenge planned and ready yet? If so, are you able to give the readers a little insight as to what they can expect? Also, how often can we expect to see these challenges make an appearance for the community or is it random at the moment?
Mika: The next challenge isn't planned yet. I have nothing interesting on that, I'm sorry! Community challenges will be held every now and again. They are not intended to become events that need to be held say every two weeks, but we do plan to have one often enough to give players a chance to work together and gain a little bonus if they succeed.

The Buzz: Thank you for your time Mika. Hopefully this short interview will answer a lot of questions the community may have. Is there anything you would like to say to the readers?
Mika: I'd like to thank everyone for participating in the events and having fun with them. You guys are awesome!

Because we are quite awesome, we contacted BSF2000 to get his feedback on the recent community challenges. We asked him if this was going to be a regular thing within the game. BSF2000 stated "That's the plan. Right now we're continuing to improve the feature and seeing how things work with it. We've been listening to the community's feedback regarding the challenges and trying to incorporate that into it. We definitely want Community Challenges to be a regular occurrence on Bootleggers." Finally, we asked him if he thought the recent Community Challenges were successful. "I definitely think so. They've introduced a new aspect of play into the game and get the entire community involved. It was great to see the community work together to bust PrettyBoyFloyd out of jail in the previous challenge. The community put in a lot of effort to complete that challenge and really earned that prize." replied BSF2000.

It looks like there are more community challenges in the pipe-line, but will not become a regular thing. Do you have any suggestions for more community challenges? Post them below and we might see a blue bar again soon!