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[NEWS] Veni, Vidi, Gunslinger! Showtime

“Guys, we are under shot!” – was a statement this reporter saw in the forums when the dust had already settled, so what was it? A mistake in grammar? A mere reference to something we are not aware about? If you checked the graveyard on the 11th of October it became apparent we were in for a surprise. The seemingly neutral crew 23rd Gunslingers (who at the time were named 23inch ConqShlong Co, something of a joke by those neutral bunch of people all tied up into one specific crew) and Veni Vidi Vici, rumored to be the crew of The Syndicate, were shot and killed by the Enemy of The State and Death Valley - which are two crews who have been at war with the so called “Alliance”.

The shooters were: Mucky, a member of Dutch Inc., Des, BFH and SpectaK - who were all members of Criminal Grounds before the shooting happened. Three left the crew before shooting, but Mucky stayed with Dutch Inc. This could have lead us to believe that Dutch Inc. were aware of his involvement in this. An hour after the shooting Mucky got hard kicked and lost two ranks, going from Don to Godfather and just a few hours later he got killed. Des, BFH and SpectaK got killed 10 minutes after the boss of 23rd Gunslingers got killed thereby indicating that one of the State Dons or the Nation Don had used their quick search to eliminate what could have been a possible threat for them also.

"The shooters were Mucky, Des, BFH and SpectaK"

This reporter aimed to get you the juicy details and was delighted to come across by none other than the leader of Enemy of The State: Stow (General). He was happy to answer some of my questions and had this to say for himself:

The Buzz: Hey there Stow thanks for participating in this interview, so first things first; Was this organized and performed by solely ETS members? And why did you guys pick 23rd Gunslingers and Veni Vidi Vici for your main targets?
Stow: No problem mate. No, this shooting was performed by both ETS and DV. Credit should go to both. As for organization, a big thanks must go to Ghyslayne and Dead Rabbits who organized it all. For your second question; Without giving much away we decided they would be the best suited targets for this particular shooting.

The Buzz: Ok fair enough, how long have you guys been planning this and what would you say went perfectly, and what didn't?
Stow: Well in terms of planning, a shooting had been planned for back when Most Wanted performed their assault on Event Horizon. I had taken a little break and put 3 people in charge of ETS (Vin, Bmoney and Ghyslayne) but when I returned at the start of this week, I had noticed no shooting had occurred. I then found out it was due to 1 of our guys who had also decided to take some time off (which we don’t know why exactly) and everyone had been waiting on him. I spoke to Ghyslayne about this wait and DeadRabbits and advised them that it would be best to no longer and wait and to go ahead with a shooting (no idea why they even choose to wait in the first place). I had a chat with Ghyslayne about which targets he should go for and I must say it went pretty well from where I’m standing. Other than Conquerer who survived (seems ETS calculator isn’t perfect).

The Buzz: Did any of the BGs die when attempting him though? (I'm a bit ignorant on state don killings so don't even know if the BGs get physically get hit when a fail occurs)
Stow: Not sure, I haven’t even logged on today. I am seriously inactive and am still around to only see ETS doesn’t die. In terms of playing, my entry into medical school has pretty much signaled my retirement from this game but enough about me. I gave them the figure that is needed to kill an S.Don for sure at a certain rank but it seems we have not shot an S.Don from Don rank so apologies to DV for my mistake. that’s fine bro, I honestly have no idea who died and who didn’t. In fact it could be that the body guards were high ranked or that he died due to back fire. I really don’t know.

The Buzz: From looking at the kills and attempts PsilocybeCubensis stated on his profile, while checking in on the graveyard it seems no BGs were killed either.. I've seen in the forums 225k was shot at him, so that's really a blow to your attack if I may say so! But once again; state and nation don kills are tricky.. Do you perhaps wish to share some information on total bullets used and possibly how much Gold was spent?
Stow: 225k wasn’t shot that’s for sure lol. And well usually this is the part where a party would lie about what resources they used and how many bullets were fired but I feel it’s best we don’t pursue that avenue. I am aware how much ETS used but with regards to DV, I wouldn’t know. Honestly, apart from the giving advise on how things should be done I really have no say with ETS. You would be better talking with Ghyslayne.

The Buzz: Well thank you for your willingness to discuss these events with the Buzz, Stow. I will contact Ghyslayne to get some more details on the shooting and I believe all the information you are free to hand out has been given up to this point, do you have a statement which I will quote in the buzz?
Stow: I think that’s it bro. I haven’t really got any closing arguments, thanks.

After this friendly conversation I had with the General of Enemy of The State, I went to find Ghyslayne to ask him some questions which hadn’t been answered by Stow. Ghyslayne was also happy to speak with me about certain events and did admit to have organized this shooting together with Death Valley’s DeadRabbits, claiming; “We always said that someday they needed to die and the moment had arrived, the actual planning only took us a few hours.”. Which led to my next question which was how much Gold and bullets were spent on the shooting when he told me the more than usual answer of: “We will keep that to ourselves”.

I went about and also asked Ghyslayne why 23rd Gunslingerss and Veni Vidi Vici, and was so bold to ask why not go for the biggest family which is obviously Criminal Grounds, when he stated: “As far as I know Criminal Grounds are neutral, they always told me they don't choose a side. And I know 23rd did choose their side, which was The Syndicate/Veni Vidi Vici (our main target this attack).”

I told them I had to admit it was a large shooting, but some Veni Vidi Vici people were kept alive and that the attempt on the State Don of 23rd Gunslingers failed. He told me: “The people who are alive should be happy; we just wanted to hit the accounts who are special to us. About the State Don; we shot an amount that we had listed and it wasn't enough to kill him.”

"The Syndicate is merely using everyone for their own gains"

When I asked him if he were to become the next Enemy of The State general since Stow had shared with me that he was thinking of quitting Ghyslayne told me: “Stow hasn't quit, he’s just little bit inactive because of college. And yeah I help run ETS but nobody can replace the General.” Just before he shut the door on me he yelled: “The Syndicate is merely using everyone for their own gains, they don’t care about any other crew but themselves and everyone will learn that sooner or later.” When that conversation got rounded up I thought it would be a good idea to get a final statement from one of the shooters and Des - aka Shrooms - was so kind to agree with the interview.

The Buzz: Hi there Des, it seems you failed your kill on the State Don, is it true 225.000 bullets were used? As far as I can tell no bodyguards were killed also.. Do you wish to make a statement on this; how you feel about failing on him with that amount of bullets, considering your Don rank with assumedly a browning?
Des: Yes I shot 125k myself with the State Don surviving. BFH the backup shooter then shot another 100.000 at him. I have no idea how he has managed to survive this and of course it is disappointing to have wasted that amount of bullets, but when does anything go to plan?

The Buzz: Ok that makes a bit more sense probably! How much time was between the first and the second attempt? What I really would like to be answered is if he had enough time to heal himself and fix his protection?
Des: There wasn't a great deal of time but yes of course this could have been the case.

The Buzz: Ok that makes sense I guess.. Perhaps he did heal himself up resulting in fails on both attempts! How much backfire did you endure during your shooting?
Des: I was backfired upon 4 times. KawZ took my health and protection from 100% to 50% and Coastie, TheArtist and Yaz also backfired but my health and protection remained the same. I don't know why the inconsistencies.

The Buzz: I think that's about it: a closing statement I could quote in the article?
Des: 'Death Valley does not exist!'

There you have it people: All the information I could get my hands on. Veni Vidi Vici/The Syndicate weren't responsive nor inclined to answer any of my questions and 23rd Gunslingers kept awfully quiet about all of this as well. I do not believe we can assume that we have seen the last of Enemy of The State nor have we of Death Valley. Only time will tell who their next victims will be, so get that popcorn ready at first sight of.. But wait! Who's that storming into the Buzz headquarters prepared to make a statement? Oh my god it's the almighty Yaz himself, boss of 23rd Gunslinger! He had this to say: "The rumors of me being a The Syndicate puppet are absolute bollocks, so far this round I've helped Dutch Inc. and Event Horizon when they got shot, but I’ve not helped The Syndicate. Of course I see that I look like a The Syndicate puppet but that's because they know I am not a threat as I fought The Family and co last round and am good friends with some of The Syndicate. 23rd Gunslingers is neutral to all except those 3 crews we recently shot, people can claim as much as they want yes but we've still not helped The Syndicate or assisted then, so keep using false info as much as you want. I do congratulate you on the shooting though, it was fun!"

"Approximately 1.000.000 bullets dropped and 300 million dollars!"

And on that bombshell; have a nice Sunday reading everyone.