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[COLUMN] On The Subject Of Inky

To “–ism” is to introduce a practice or process, such as plagiarism, a prejudice or discrimination (sexism or racism anyone?) or even a condition or class of principles, for example barbarism. But there’s been an interesting emergence on the Classifieds that could arguably cross quite a lot of these states: Rankism.

With the rise of Godfathers, Legendary Godfathers and a recent spate of new Dons, we can note the rise in the number of OC posts requesting LGF’s only or Don+. Equally the amount of poor individuals offering to be on an OC for 0%, or even the immortal line: “I has Duesy!” to rival that of a window in a local charity shop. Combined with the golden offers of “will OC for paid reset” with those delicious high ranking Respectable and State Dons, we have a situation of supply and demand here that is being amplified as wipes grow fewer and more and more people try to reach the upper echelons of the game.

‘‘They were the Robin Hoods of the BL world’’

We have always had a culture of the high ranks secretly wishing to OC with their peers – they are focusing on ranking even higher; XP is greater with higher ranks and you’re guaranteed top weapons and the best car in the game. However, only a few rounds ago a crew named The Invisibles declared war on Rankism and took down anybody daring to say they wanted an OC with a fellow Legendary Godfather or Don. They were the Robin Hoods of the BL world; thug’s whispered their names happily, drunk on the moonshine imported from the lucrative booze run they had just performed with a begrudging Don.

So, was it wrong to ask for a high ranked OC then? Is it wrong now? Is charging lower ranks for OC’s acceptable? We had look on the Forums and noted a reply of Head Moderator Mika. He stated on the forum: “Higher ranks have worked hard to get where they currently are. There is no reason at all for them not to expect some kind of compensation for doing OCs with lower ranks or to want to deny access to lower ranks from their OCs.”

‘‘From a higher rank point of view there are no bad reasons, except morality’’

If a Don is willing to OC with low ranks for money and the low ranks are willing to pay, then a supply and demand is created. If your demands are too high; people won’t OC with you. High ranks offer “Rank up OC’s” for newer accounts where they OC with you for 0% - and low ranks should check this is stated before committing to an OC. Yes, perhaps this is unfair – but in this mobster game the top can choose who they OC with and the low ranks have to work together to OC, rely on the charity of benevolent higher ranks, or pay.

"From a higher rank point of view there are no bad reasons, except morality" one Bootleggers player (who craves anonymity) said to me, when questioned about the subject. The beauty is, what goes up in Bootleggers can also come crashing down - numbers are small and memories are long - will these Godfathers and Dons appreciate it if or indeed when he tables get turned?