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Once Upon A Time iShyGuy

At the home page of Bootleggers you have the possibility to read previous issues of the Bootleggers Buzz. Based on the great work of our previous writers, we present you a new weekly article; once upon a time. In this article we share some events which occurred exactly a few years ago. Ohhhhh, good times!

Once upon a time (seven years ago):
  • A handful of The Order members were killed by Revelation.
  • New Nation Don Eganwo wiped two crews: Revelation and Sempre Famiglia, both were taken over by using insiders. 1.8 million bullets were fired.
  • The Syndicate used 1,5 million bullets to kill several casino owners and bullet factory holders, as well as many members of The Order, The Deadly Alliance and Death Before Dishonor. Only the last one got taken over.

Once upon a time (six years ago):
  • The Deadly Alliance and The Rising Shadow got wiped by Eternal Labrinth.
  • Mobb Figaz got shot, dropped and picked back up, all within the hour.
  • The Imperium returned to the statistics page.

Once upon a time (five years ago):
  • The return of The Sacred Empire to the statistics page.
  • Epidemic, a crew which we haven’t seen since 2006 also returned.

Once upon a time (four years ago):
  • 100 Dons and over got killed by the crew Komodo. The six known shooters accounts names were: Velasquez, DukeNukem, Equinox, Taranis, Vincinio and Meghgfs.
  • Pena, a single Don account wiped The Hierarchy. He was a part of MS13 who were suspected to be a part of The Family.

Once upon a time (three years ago):
  • No interesting stuff!

Once upon a time (two years ago):
  • Event Horizon got wiped by Monica, who told the Buzz that the story about the shooting had been sold already. A known statement by The Family.
  • ShyGuy got promoted to the Help Desk.

Once upon a time (one year ago):
  • No interesting stuff!

If you are playing Bootleggers since the start you might remember several names of above happenings. Do you remember any events related to those names? Don’t be shy and share them!