Sunday, May 4th, 2014
Issue: 2   Editor: FlameS

A Busters Paradise Velodrome

Hello everyone I hope you've all had a good start to round 8 and will continue to play for many more months to come!
This is my very first Buzz article and I wanted to write about something that I personally love doing on this game and that is of course busting. Now not everyone chooses to do this as they find it rather tedious and extremely boring, however last round with a few updates and a few crews that turned busting into great fun I found that more and more people were turning to busting as a great way to get to know each other and at the same time make some money pretty quickly.

I asked Friction, a well known buster, why he enjoyed busting and he replied with “you can make a lot of money through busting, competing in the many bust comps that appear on the game forum each day” I figured at this point I should ask someone else, so I decided to stalk C_Jacks who told me quite proudly “I just get excited every time I see that green bar pop up with a successful bust! And it’s always been a great conversation starter too”.

The main thing I wanted to ask people though was whether or not they felt the experience gained truly was worth spending copious amounts of time in the Jail for it. Friction said “I think that busting gives an extremely small amount of XP (I think it could be around the same as the XP you get from sending a bootmail), but it's something to do while you wait for your crime timer” which is a great point as I do the exact same thing as I'm sure a lot of others do too C_jacks told me “The more you practice, the better you will become at being successful. However, if you aren't that dedicated then no the experience really isn't worth it. It all depends on the type of player you want to be. If you are into it and you want to become a dedicated buster, then ultimately the experience you earn is worth it to me”.

To me personally I have always felt that busting is a great way to make new friends and have some fun on this great game when things are going rather slowly elsewhere, of course you don’t have to be a big talker in the forums to make an impact with busting as it is the simple task of clicking yet another button. The money you can make is again a very high point of motivation with the multitude of different bust competitions around it’s never the same people winning every competition and this early in the round the majority of players are all on equal footing. Of course as we progress through the round we will see certain higher ranked players push forward in terms of busting as it is a lot easier for them to bust people.

In round 7 we saw a lot of killings purely because of their current success, the one name that sticks out here in people’s minds is Craig_avfc who shot at the top alive busters a few times to preserve his record for as long as he possibly could. Will this happen again this round? I’m fairly certain it will but that’s my own opinion and you will all have to forge your own on that matter.

We also saw last round the debate about whether or not the Agility gym stat actually reflects on busting. C_jacks did bring this up when I asked him if he would like anything changed with the current busting scene he told me “It would have to be Agility gym stats. Right now, it is unknown if having higher Agility levels increases your chances of being successful." I think that Agility should be added into the busting aspect of the game, rather than only having to level it for protection purposes.” It is a very interesting debate and one that will continue on for many months to come, in my own opinion I think that if it doesn't already work this way then in the future it should be considered purely because of how big the current busting scene has actually become.
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