Sunday, May 4th, 2014
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A common problem amongst the Bootleggers community is finding that your personal computer has been hacked. Not only does being hacked compromise your personal information it also compromises your Bootleggers account. An example of this is shown below:

That screenshot was taken earlier in the round. The victim was hacked and during the terrible ordeal the account was used to scam several players out of both gold and cash. Hackers are one of the biggest problems on the internet. Theyíre always trying to steal your personal information. Large scale hacking groups have the ability to take down government websites and expose vulnerabilities in things like the PlayStation Network. Hackers are the modern day version of bullies. They want to take your lunch money but they arenít even going to bother to shove your head down the toilet first. Their techniques are ever changing and improving. They are devious and sneaky. They also have the influence of the Nigerian royal family. Thatís power and influence, my friend! BE SCARED!

There is one thing that hackers crave more than anything else though. Itís not money, fame, success or nude photos of Scarlett Johansson. The thing that they want most is to mess up your internet life. They will not go for your email address or your bank account or even your PayPal account. They will not try to gain access to your Facebook account and attempt to trick your friends into visiting websites about Russian brides. These super sneaky online hackers will go straight for your Bootleggers account!

So the questions you have to ask yourself are: what will these hackers do once they gain access to your Bootleggers account? What damage can you expect to be done? Will they give away all of your gold? Gamble all of your cash playing War? Hell no! They arenít going to waste their time with that. What theyíll do is play on your account as if they were you Ė with the exception of being drunk Ė and theyíll attempt to scam innocent members of the community into handing over their gold and their cash.

Surely they would target your friends first though? Your most trusted allies, who wouldnít think twice about sending you some gold and cash to help you out. No way! Hackers arenít animals! These hackers want to scam random members of the community, they want to ruin your reputation, but they arenít going to break your online friendships! Jebus!

Now, if you have the horrible misfortune of having something like this happen to you, the first thing youíll want to do is make a post in the Game Forum so that you gain the maximum amount of attention. You must apologise for this terrible situation. Most of the community will be completely unaware of what has happened and therefore must be informed immediately. Theyíll completely understand and offer good advice on how you can best move forward.

Once youíve apologised then thatís pretty much all you can do, right? Sorry seems to be the hardest word, and youíve just said that, so why what more can you do? Nothing? How about giving back the gold and the cash that the hacker managed to scam out of innocent players? You could give it all backÖ but thatís going to take a lot of time and effort. It wasnít your fault that they got scammed by a hacker. Plus, it is your account has been violated and if anyone should get some kind of compensation for this ordeal then itís you. Remember, you are the victim.

Finally, donít be surprised if the community doesnít believe you. The Bootleggers community is far too cynical. They donít understand the mind of a crazed hacker and what they are likely to do when they gain access to your computer. The community will most likely suggest that you are a complete dipshit that doesnít know their arse from their elbow Ė but thatís not the case, is it? You really did get hacked, didnít you? Are you sure that you have all of the facts regarding this incident? Did this happen on a Friday night by any chance?

Had you been drinking at all?

Once again, if you take my column seriously thenÖ look over there, something shiny! Hope you all enjoyed.
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