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[FREELANCE] The Difficulty of an Easy Game Achamon

It is funny to see that even I, someone who considers himself quite a smart little fella, have a hard time figuring out why I play this game, and what's so hard about it. It should all be so simple right? The whole game is based on clicking your mouse the whole day. Why are there still these persons who beg, are low ranked, or just generally suck at playing?

The answer is really easy: time and patience (and maybe a little bit of a brain). All you have to do is click your ass off in this game.
Why would you beg, if you can easily get those OC funds from just criming? Because you lack patience. Why are you broke all the time? Because you gamble (and thus lack patience).
I'm quite sure that if you saved up your money from the start of this round, doing everything except gambling and banking all that money, you would be one of the richer players on bootleggers right now. We all want that right? Be the richest, be the best?

I've noticed that for most people in this game, it's just a simple matter of priority. I take myself as an example. I like gambling and talking with friends way more than all other aspects of the game and still every now and then I think: Damn I wish my crew was the strongest on here. But I don't complain, I accept the fact that I generally suck at actually achieving the highest form in this game. The problem is; all those people who don't.

All you see these days is people complaining about unfair gameplay, unfair this and unfair that.

'There's a small group ruining it for the rest'.

WRONG. You are ruining it yourself. If you stop crying right now, and set that goal with your whole crew, you'll beat them within a month.

Hell we even have reduced timers every now and then!
Just accept the fact that you're here to have fun, and won't be the best.

I know this story didn't really have a starting, a middle and I won't be giving it a proper end. It was pretty much just me blabbing on. The point I want to bring over: Accept that you won't reach the top by gambling, having fun with your friends and trolling around on the forum, or go and work on it. Start doing only what the game was meant for and you'll be that dominant group in no time. But please, please stop complaining.

ps. I love you all (EDIT: the author inserted a very rude emoji we all know and love, and perform nightly or indeed in the morning...but editor I will allow you to guess what this is )