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Community Challenge for 5,000 Likes Cypha

On Saturday 15th November 2014, the Elite Guard decided to celebrate their achievement of reaching 5,000 Facebook likes by hosting a 48 hour Community Challenge. The challenge was for the community to work together and reach a total of 5,000 crimes before the timer ran out. Each player had to do a minimum of 50 crimes to qualify for the prize of $500,000 and a Jaguar V, which in turn changed in to a Police car when used in an Organized Crime. Within the first 24 hours, the 5,000 crimes mark had been achieved, and doubled, and the community was well on it's way to hitting 50,000 crimes. There was speculation within the community that the Elite Guard had made a mistake, and it was meant to be 50,000 crimes not 5,000 but 5,000 was the correct amount, to celebrate the amount of Facebook likes they had reached.
It didn't take long after everyone had received their rewards that the cars were being sold on the Classifieds Forum from $350,000 to $750,000 (20 gold coins). Players were having 10-20 jaguars in their collection to use in future Organized Crimes.
The Buzz caught up with a Mika to find out a bit more about this latest challenge.

The Buzz: Hi Mika. Do you think 5,000 was too low? Did you know that the challenge would have been completed within a couple of hours?

Mika: We suspected that the challenge would be completed quickly, yes. That is why we set the challenge to stay active even after the required amount of crimes had been committed. The challenge was meant as a reference to reaching 5,000 likes on Facebook, which is why the amount was this low.

The Buzz: Was every Jaguar meant to turn in to police car?

Mika: We did intend for every car to turn into a police car. That was our thank you for the likes.

The Buzz: Any big events for the community to look forward to?

Mika: Not much I can say on that right now. But the holidays are coming up, that's always a fun period on Bootleggers.

So, it seems the prizes are getting better and better which each Community Challenge that is presented, and with the Christmas period fast approaching, who knows what the Elite Guard have in store.