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Would Paying For The Buzz Work? Cypha

In our day to day lives, the majority of us have been to our local shop, seen something on the front page of the news paper, and brought a copy to find out more. Some news papers also offer competitions and adverts.

Could this really work for Bootleggers too? Everyone loves the chance to win prizes, but who pays for these prizes? With a purchase price on each issue, the writers don't get paid, the amount goes in to the competition fund. More readers, more purchases, bigger prizes. With this idea in mind, The Buzz took to the general public to find out what their thoughts were. With 36% saying they would quite happily pay to read The Buzz, the other 64% wasn't so willing to hand over their money.

VooDooDoll was quoted as saying "I don't think people should pay or have to pay to read it. Staff will usually donate cash, gold, etc for contests and give-aways if you ask."

Bozeman had a good idea by saying "If there was a couple of free previews allowed before a demand of a subscription. See if the teaser is enough to make me want to pay." On the other side of the argument, DT0XO said "do what all the other news organisations did, give the people a teaser of each article but put all of them behind a pay-wall. If you want to read all the articles you have to pay. If you want to comment you have to pay more.

Also, I think most of the money should be going to the writers on a commission basis. Maybe have people pay per article? Combined with the commission for the authors as an incentive to produce better work." Other options included paying donations if you wanted to, and have a Buzz account set up for people to donate if they wish. SmokeyBear did put forward a good idea, which has been used in the past, and that was to allow players to advertise, for things like Crew recruiting or Picture Making services.

For those that would be fine with paying for a copy said they were happy to pay between $20,000 and $100,000 per copy. It does seem though that the option to make it a 'paid paper' isn't an option at the present moment.

For the foreseeable future, The Buzz will remain a free paper for the community to read.